ZÖKITEE: A Tribal Wonderland

Refine. Repeat line: http://www.zokitee.com/#!refine-repeat/c3x7
Refine. Repeat line: http://www.zokitee.com/#!refine-repeat/c3x7
Refine. Repeat line: http://www.zokitee.com/#!refine-repeat/c3x7


ZÖKITEE is the creative collaboration between four sisters from Perth – Asha, Danika, Kiara, and Zoë Thomson. Their love and interest for creative design, arts and the environment sparked a new love for jewellery making. ZÖKITEE is still a relatively new jewellery label influenced by the mystery held in symbolism, adornment and rituals of the unfamiliar cultures of traditional tribes, while often challenging the common perceptions of romanticism. The root of the creative venture was derived from heartwarming memories as children, however the girls often play with the concept of: ‘The assumed sacred significance of unfamiliar symbolism’.

ZÖKITEE is a jewellery label that represents the tribal adornments of each individual, their identity and how their sense of community can strengthen and define who we are. The jewellery designs are a minimalist’s dream, with simple sterling silver shapes and forms which reflect a platform for expressing and exploring creative ideas – in whatever direction life may take us.

The girl’s infatuation for treasured gifts and beads was sparked at an early age, when their aunt, who often travelled the world collecting one-of-a-kind beads would arrive upon her visit to Perth unveiling the pride of her newest finds; oldest and most sacred treasures, creating a small secret community among the girls. Each bead represented a valued token – each holding its own story and history, a little momento from a different time and place worlds away.

The sisters grew up in a very creative environment, each pursuing different paths later on in studies and design projects. Being surrounded by each other while pursuing their own creative interests, they naturally began supporting and working together; after several projects, they decided to create an umbrella name to label their collaborations. With each sister contributing their talents in the brand, from fashion and forming concept looks, to writing, photography and digital media handles – each sister offers an invaluable footprint to the brand itself.

The sisters believe that diversity makes for a stronger community and through that belief it has strengthened their designs and concepts. With high hopes of more opportunities in the future, ZÖKITEE is a brand that holds strong values and with each piece of jewellery hand made from ideas, research and inspiration gathered –  you are sure to get a one-of-a-kind story from it, or one you can make your own.

You’ll be able to find the sisters and their stunningly simple eco-friendly jewellery line at the upcoming ‘Summer Night Markets’ located in the Perth Cultural Centre every Friday evening. They are also stocked at Hillarys family run jewellery store, SunKissed.

For more information or to check out their stocklist, visit: http://www.zokitee.com/

By Shirley Yeung