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Vancouver based jewelry designer, Trisha Lazaroo is the creative mind behind Wylden. Having started in 2010, Trisha fell in love with colourful mess that is, creating jewelry. Simplistic and elegant, Wylden emphasizes modern femininity with ever evolving style. Despite continually experimenting with her jewelry, her background is one that has had “a history of goldsmiths.” Wylden represents “a new history being written” and Vashti Magazine had a chance to discover more about this gem on the other side of the world from us.

VM: Name a few influences on your artistic style.

TL: It’s hard attributing my style to one particular thing/person. Especially since I find that my style has evolved, and will probably continue to do so. I will say though, that music is definitely one of those things that really help fuel my work. Definitely helps to be surrounded by my talented and inspiring friends too.

VM: What would be one of your fondest moments while creating your work?

TL: Hmm.. fondest moment hey. As a whole I generally enjoy each stage of the production. What I am fond of though is the personal touch behind each piece. The nature of making things by hand comes with certain unpredictability. So each piece has slight differences from each other. I quite like that.

VM: Your jewelry is all minimalistic. Is that deliberate or is that your personal preference?

TL: I guess you could say both? It’s deliberate in the sense that I’ve set out to create jewelry that I myself would wear. Honestly, I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to jewelry. So I like not having to switch out my pieces too often! Easy breezy!

VM: You make these pieces by hand, right? How do you go about doing that?

TL: It depends on what I’m making. I usually have to prep my materials beforehand, like measuring and cutting my metals to the right size. After which I fabricate the metals to the desired form. This usually requires a combination of sawing and hammering. And if soldering is required, I bring out my handy torch to get the job done. Once my metals have been properly soldered, I do some major clean up and polish.

VM: Does something usually inspire you when you make a piece of jewelry?

TL: Like most, I draw inspiration from whatever grabs my attention! Whether it’s a piece of music or a hint of color. The main thing really, is to continually experiment and work at it. I find that most inspired ideas usually come from those instances.

VM: What would you say are your biggest challenges?

TL: I’d have to say the insecurities that come along with being a creative. For a long time, I felt uncomfortable calling myself a jewelry maker / designer. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be doing this. When you’ve invested so much of yourself into your work and put it on display, it all starts to feel a little daunting. It’s something I still tackle with from time to time, but I’ve got a better handle on it.


VM: Finally, why the name, WYLDEN? Is there a certain meaning behind it?

TL: It’s kind of a long story.. But I’ll do my best to explain it. When I started working with jewelry, it didn’t quite hit me that my family has had a history of goldsmiths. It was only after the fact, that I put the pieces together. My maternal grandpa, ‘gong gong’, was a goldsmith and so with his grandfather. Wanting to incorporate this history, I took his English name, William, and split it with my paternal grandpa’s name, Dennis. To me, Wylden represents a new history being written.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted and welded into something that feels so good on you! And something like that can never be bad! Constantly growing, this project  is one to look out for and definitely one that “creates pieces that reveal the inner qualities of materials and objects.” And I’m certainly happy to have had the chance to speak to this lovely lady. So check out her website and trust me – you will not be disappointed!

Website: http://wylden.bigcartel.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wylden/622260317891548



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