We Are Witu; neoprene, not scuba


With fashion’s return to the simple stylish, and the newfound popularity of neoprene, two friends, Natalie Turnbull and Elise Wilken, brought both their names and their ideas together to create the expanding company Witu.

Let’s face it, there is a definite shift in past trends, from colour blocking, florals, clashes and outstanding statements to a much more defined, sleek and simple style. Pastels, monochrome and sharp, defined silhouettes have overtaken, and with it, the addition of more flexible and quality materials, such as neoprene.

Neoprene, if the material doesn’t sound familiar, is the same material commonly found in scuba suits, kid’s lunch bags and laptop cases. The recent outbreak of ‘scuba’ designs has gone viral through both designer and mainstream retailers – scuba suit gear has arrived into stores as a simple yet striking change from conventional materials, with the added benefit of not only being waterproof, but maintaining colour, flexibility and shape, meaning it is a life-long purchase.

So with both leading fashion labels and mainstream fashion taking neoprene into their list of must-have materials, and with the Witu girls’ goal to create ‘the perfect every day tote,’ it was no surprise that they chose to design with it. And I cannot thank them enough for this. The classic ‘habitat tote’ (pictured left) has the easiness of a tote, but does not end up falling apart like most others.  Witu have not ended here, but have clutches, duffel bags, overnight bags and backpacks all featuring the simple effortless look of the tote. Not long after the release of the bags, came the addition of accessories, and even clothing, including the ‘ozone’ skirts and jumpers. Just as simple, and just as distinctive. This means the neoprene lover can now make an outfit made up entirely of the material, without looking like a laptop case.

Elise and Natalie reside in Victoria Australia, where all stockists reside, but online purchasing gives each customer the option to customize their product. The Witu bag allows you to select from a range of colours and adjust the standard measurements along width or length where desired.

With its outburst onto the fashion scene, neoprene no longer solely applies to deep sea divers. The Witu product will not only give you a stylish staple to fill your bag collection or wardrobe, but will stay with you for years to come.

Visit http://www.witu.com.au/ to learn more about these neoprene goodies.

By Jessica Clausen