Summer Scorchers: The Best Trends To Follow This Season

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With the summer months beginning early this year, we have a perfect opportunity to stock up the wardrobe! Summer is the perfect time to try something new, and with a firm focus on prints over structure, you can look great and stay comfy.

The Bohemian Staple

This floaty and feminine style, with light fabrics perfectly suited for summer is fast becoming a staple in Australian fashion. One of the styles best features is its ability to adapt to suit different wardrobes. Go full throttle with loose drop crotch pants and a flowing singlet, or pair a batwing top with a pair of structured jeans to give the look some edge.

One particularly good piece is the Boho dress: wear them on their own in summer or layer up as it gets colder. It’s worth remembering that Boho dresses form the focal point of an outfit, so keeping the rest of the look neutral and sticking to one or two key accessories is a good way to go to really make these dresses sing – think a tie in belt, or that perfect pair of sunnies.

70’s Chic

If there was a decade of fashion made for Australia, it’s the 70’s. The style is sleek, bold, and structured – arguably the polar opposite to Boho, but impressively pairable with the summer staple.

Wearing elements of the style rather than the full Monty can be a clever way to go with such a visual style. Luckily, there are plenty of options – maxi dresses are perfect for laid back days, and bold, structured looks are great for work. Shoes are looking great with this style: think wedges, chunky heels, and platforms.

70s chic dresses are great for being both comfortable and flattering. Go neutral with a range of lace and crochet options, or try out prints like paisley and floral to bring a refreshing burst of pattern to your outfit.

Bold Print

Every season needs a showstopper. Working with a range of structured or flowing designs, the metallic features, bold geometric prints, and amazing bursts of colour of this style bring a much-needed pop to the season’s range.

Whether you dabble with the odd accessory, or embrace the look top to toe, heads will turn. If you need to tone down the look, pairing bold prints with a more neutral base, like Boho, creates a unique look that is completely on trend.

Negative Space

Designers are experimenting with a new style of using negative space to create amazing looks this season. Fantastically paired with bold print, feature-gaps in clothing, such as crochet patterns around necklines and down seam lines, help to shape clothing without reverting to rigid structure.

Not all gaps are completely exposed, however; transparent materials allow you to experiment with higher hems and more daring cuts without the commitment. For obvious reasons, this trend works best when used subtly, bringing that extra touch of class to an outfit.

The Great European Whitewash

Australia has its own unique branding of style, but this trend sweeping Europe cannot be missed. One of the most striking fashions to hit the streets in years, the whitewash evokes both innocence and sassy style. Complete the look by pairing it with bold black accessories to get the ultimate metro style.

By Kate Oatley