STYLEAID Photographic Exhibition 2015

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On Tuesday May 12th, STYLEAID hosted their 2015 Photographic Exhibition, raising funds for the Western Australian AIDS Council. The Lister Gallery in Subiaco hosted the event and the open space accompanying the beautiful artwork created a relaxed and fun atmosphere for the night.

Twelve Australian and international photographers showcased their art around the theme of GOGO: Modest, Modular and Modern. Encased in the soft lighting to perfectly showcase the photography, the GoGo theme was accompanied by the 1960s styled catering.

All twelve photographers included in the event hosted a variety of one-off, original images that could be purchased throughout the night, with all proceeds going to the WA AIDS council. The photographers included Justin Griffith, who showcased four shots that were influenced by Richard Avedon; and Carlo Fernandes, who’s two pieces focused on modesty and modernity respectfully.

All the pieces were beautiful and many were sold by the end of the night, providing great support to the WA AIDS Council. STYLEAID is also hosting a Charity Ball on 31 July, maintaining the GOGO theme and showcasing 2015/2016 collections from emerging and established designers.

To find out about ticket sales and more, visit the StyleAid website at

By Zoé Fraussen