Qamar Designs by Azka Anum

In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway on FEBRUARY 28th, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers!

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Designer: Azka Anum

Brand: Qamar Designs

Age: 22

Named after her grandmother, Qamar – Arabic for moon – perfectly encompasses the diverse life that Azka has had. She was born in Pakistan, but raised in Saudi Arabia, and her biggest style icon is Taylor Swift.

While passion for independence and success drove Azka to form her brand, tragedy also played a part. Her grandmother passed and she was unable to attend the funeral, which deeply affected Azka, leading her to forever memorialize her “personality icon” with Qamar Designs.

Traditional dressmaking combines with definitively Middle Eastern touches – inspired textiles and patterns bring Azka’s clothes to life, along with subtle cut outs, draping fabric and a generous dose of gold.

Azka wants to bring Pakistan to the forefront of fashion abroad and portray her roots in an authentic and creative way, and we think she’s doing it perfectly. Look forward to seeing her work on the runway!

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