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Over the next month, we will be sharing a few of our favourite boutiques in and around Perth. We have chosen this range based on the stock they supply, how they differ from others and how they are set up. We will be posting one a week for five weeks.

Located on Jarred Street, adjacent to the Cottesloe train station hides The Black Wall, a small, modest store stocking a collection of popular Australian labels evocative of urban streetwear and edgy normcore.

The Black Wall, which you will probably find yourself accidentally stumbling across, started up with its old owners in 2010, before more recently being taken over by new owners Krystal and David in early 2014. The store is not overtly noticeable at first. Its shop window is covered in thick white zebra stripes, with the store name plastered across in black and a modest billboard sitting on the side of the road. The monochrome layout is non-pretentious, clean and simple which allows for the merchandise to be the focal point.

The stores setup gives a minimalistic feel and despite being packed with goods, the small building seems surprisingly spacious. The store is decorated with wooden display cabinets, a simple brick wall feature and a few ornaments placed across the room, maintaining a sleek and symmetrical layout.

The point is, The Black Wall doesn’t need loud or bright layouts to reel in attention. It is the abundance of labels and pieces that make it one of our Perth favourites. Ahead of the curb in Perth fashion, The Black Wall stocks many of the labels that we find incredibly difficult to find stocked locally. The range of labels stocked are high in quality, outstanding designs and popular names in fashion today. Featured in the range of new pieces include some more popular Australian labels such as Bec & Bridge, Alice McCall and Romance Was Born, but also supplies a larger range of independent and contemporary labels including men’s brand I Love Ugly and designer Emma Mulholland.

The Black Wall store is a taste of independent Australian fashion that is usually exclusive to eastern states and gives fans of street fashion an opportunity to purchase labels without the usual struggle of ordering online, paying ridiculous shipping fees and waiting 3-5 business days for it all to arrive.

Edgy, exclusive labels and the minimalist, simple layout make The Black Wall a stand out to other boutiques, with the added bonus of being walking distance to or from the beach! Make sure to check out their store when looking for quality, urban clothing and accessories.

The Black Wall:

By Jessica Clausen