Qamar Designs by Azka Anum

In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway on FEBRUARY 28th, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers!

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Designer: Azka Anum

Brand: Qamar Designs

Age: 22

Named after her grandmother, Qamar – Arabic for moon – perfectly encompasses the diverse life that Azka has had. She was born in Pakistan, but raised in Saudi Arabia, and her biggest style icon is Taylor Swift.

While passion for independence and success drove Azka to form her brand, tragedy also played a part. Her grandmother passed and she was unable to attend the funeral, which deeply affected Azka, leading her to forever memorialize her “personality icon” with Qamar Designs.

Traditional dressmaking combines with definitively Middle Eastern touches – inspired textiles and patterns bring Azka’s clothes to life, along with subtle cut outs, draping fabric and a generous dose of gold.

Azka wants to bring Pakistan to the forefront of fashion abroad and portray her roots in an authentic and creative way, and we think she’s doing it perfectly. Look forward to seeing her work on the runway!

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Blushed – Teagan Jacobs

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In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway on February 28th, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers!

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Designer: Teagan Jacobs

Brand: Blushed

Age: 21

Teagan’s label, Blushed, titles and describes what’s in store for you as your browse the collection. The blush of a woman’s skin compliments her just as Teagan’s label does to her models. And this is just what Teagan intends to create; a range that celebrates femininity and the ethereal whilst being a timeless staple to every girl’s wardrobe.

After graduating from ECU in 2014, Teagan began focusing on creating her own label, which has progressed greatly in the mere one year that it has been public. Teagan gets her inspiration from the world around her: people, places and culture. She has created a range for the dreamers of Perth, which refuses to hide the feminine figure in layers and thick textures, but emphasise its silhouette with sheer pieces, soft materials and soothing, feminine colours.

Ignoring the trends of style icons, or of current labels, Teagan prefers to express her creativity freely, making a truly unique collection. As many hopeful WA designers are aware, the designer of Blushed is conscious of the difficulty in emerging in popular and global media, but takes it as motivation to persist harder than other designers living in more fashion-focused states. Rather than waiting for opportunities in WA, she works hard to create her own.

We are looking forward to seeing Blushed come to life on the runway this February!

Instagram – @teaganjacobs

Website –

By Jessica Clausen

BojanaPetrovichDesigns by Bojana Petrovich


In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway on FEBRUARY 28th, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers!

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Designer: Bojana Petrovich

Brand: BojanaPetrovichDesigns

Age: 27

Bojana’s passion started from a young age – days drawing and making clothes for her dolls became the foundation for her fashion line, BojanaPetrovichDesign. After her first dress made waves among friends on social media, she decided to turn it from hobby to something more serious.

Elegance and power are what her clothes exude – with a touch of sex appeal to boot. As for her inspiration, it’s drawn from real life, objects and people around her:

[What inspires me is] the movements of women on the street/If I might catch a glimpse at a café, etc., structural lines of buildings/bridges around me, patterns, interior design magazines.

With style icons like Brigitte Bardot, it’s no surprise Bojana doesn’t hold back on the feminine in her designs. Flowing sheer skirts and beautiful, florid patterns show a bold edge, complementing and accentuating skin, which is celebrated extensively through short tops and the aforementioned sheer.

A very modern and definitely Australian touch is a fantastic addition to our Foxfeet Summer Runway!

Follow the lovely Bojana:

Instagram: @bojanapetrovichdesigns  

Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion

twe-futurebeautyFuture Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion Installation view GOMA300210-a9e3a91a-5438-11e4-b8b4-60d96d862ec4future-of-fashion-1000x667-tatsunokoji_autumnwinter93-94_kyotocostumeinstitute_ac012207_001_0FutureBeautyGOMA3-LowRes

Through January and February, the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art will be exhibiting the most popular  Japanese fashion progressing from the 1980s to the present. Brisbane will be the first Australian gallery to be given the honour of experiencing this great exhibition which will hold designs from some of the most influential Japanese designers, such as Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto, crossed with designs from the newest contemporary designers of Japan.

Japanese culture has made massive progression and introduction into many Western areas, with fashion being no exception. The exhibition is used to show the development of fashion over the past 30 years, with focus on Japanese designer’s influence. The essential innovation of Japanese fashion designers from 1980 onwards have pushed the boundaries of what Western labels were able to create and by doing so reinvented the culture of fashion. It has been long overdue that we be given the opportunity to see and appreciate the much ignored side of fashion that comes outside of the Western realm.

GOMA will, for the next month, be the home of almost 100 gowns from the past 30 years, ranging from Kawakubo’s range of monochrome classics of the 1980s, to some of the latest collections of Japanese designers. Future Beauty will be a tour through time and culture for audience members, giving them a chance to understand and observe the way past trends and designs were formed and produced, whilst also experiencing the latest trends of today.

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By Jessica Clausen








Ellavanna Couture by Daniella Gitto



In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers! Buy tickets at 

Designer: Daniella Giovanna Gitto

Brand: Ellavanna

Age: 20

At just 20, Daniella Gitto’s brand Ellavanna belies a mature soul. Classical, romantic touches are drawn from history and her memories:

“Looking at one item and being able to remember something that may not necessarily be connected to it. I could be looking at a mirror which has an ornate gold frame around it, for me it reminds me of the ornate patterns you would see sewn into the rich materials the monarch and nobility would wear in the 15th and 16th century. Just this alone is enough of a concept for me to create a whole collection around.”

Throughout her graduate collection (left), tradition merges with modernity – a high neck is paired with a short dress, a long skirt flares out dramatically one side but is cut out on the other. Complex black-on-gold brocade melts into a sleek black, sexy with a swath of delicacy: look, don’t touch.

Ellavanna is a portmanteau of her first and second name, as Gitto thought using her whole name would be far too long.  Her clothes are designed to empower in the truest sense of the word – by giving the wearer a sense of importance and gravitas through the quality, artistry and timeless statement of Ellavanna. It’s no surprise then that Daniella’s style icon is Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of the quiet and powerful feminine polarity, who was in complete comfort with a standout style.

For Ellvanna, each piece is meticulously handcrafted and tailored to the individual, which, in addition to the historical (and often fantastical) elements, harks back to the dressmakers of the early and mid-1900s. With this combination of detail, care and design, Daniella Gitto and Ellavanna are a welcome addition to the Foxfeet Summer Runway.

Follow the lovely Daniella:
Instagram: @ellavanna

We Are Witu; neoprene, not scuba


With fashion’s return to the simple stylish, and the newfound popularity of neoprene, two friends, Natalie Turnbull and Elise Wilken, brought both their names and their ideas together to create the expanding company Witu.

Let’s face it, there is a definite shift in past trends, from colour blocking, florals, clashes and outstanding statements to a much more defined, sleek and simple style. Pastels, monochrome and sharp, defined silhouettes have overtaken, and with it, the addition of more flexible and quality materials, such as neoprene.

Neoprene, if the material doesn’t sound familiar, is the same material commonly found in scuba suits, kid’s lunch bags and laptop cases. The recent outbreak of ‘scuba’ designs has gone viral through both designer and mainstream retailers – scuba suit gear has arrived into stores as a simple yet striking change from conventional materials, with the added benefit of not only being waterproof, but maintaining colour, flexibility and shape, meaning it is a life-long purchase.

So with both leading fashion labels and mainstream fashion taking neoprene into their list of must-have materials, and with the Witu girls’ goal to create ‘the perfect every day tote,’ it was no surprise that they chose to design with it. And I cannot thank them enough for this. The classic ‘habitat tote’ (pictured left) has the easiness of a tote, but does not end up falling apart like most others.  Witu have not ended here, but have clutches, duffel bags, overnight bags and backpacks all featuring the simple effortless look of the tote. Not long after the release of the bags, came the addition of accessories, and even clothing, including the ‘ozone’ skirts and jumpers. Just as simple, and just as distinctive. This means the neoprene lover can now make an outfit made up entirely of the material, without looking like a laptop case.

Elise and Natalie reside in Victoria Australia, where all stockists reside, but online purchasing gives each customer the option to customize their product. The Witu bag allows you to select from a range of colours and adjust the standard measurements along width or length where desired.

With its outburst onto the fashion scene, neoprene no longer solely applies to deep sea divers. The Witu product will not only give you a stylish staple to fill your bag collection or wardrobe, but will stay with you for years to come.

Visit to learn more about these neoprene goodies.

By Jessica Clausen