Odd and loving it: Australian brand putting the goodness back into mismatched socks


After working a 9-5 office job for a number of years, Brock Sykes decided the black and white life of suits and cuffed shirts was not for him. In the office, he was known for his colourful socks and penchant for unconventional fashion choices, and this sparked Brock to fullfill his dream of starting his own business, specialising in quirky, bright and most importantly, odd, socks.

And so Odd Pears was created.

The Odd Pears ethos is focused on individuality and self expression, and just by looking through the plethora of uniquely designed socks they have available – from stripes to spots to colourblock – it’s plain to see they are lovers of all things beautifully odd. On ordering a certain design, customers are sent three socks – all slightly varied but based around the same style and colours.

Brock says he has loved every moment he has spent working on Odd Socks as a company and a hub of all things strange and exciting, and any difficulties he was faced with in starting Odd Socks was met with great enthusiasm and a will to carry Odd Socks to success.

“Quite obviously the most difficult part was sourcing a manufacturer. Additionally, not just finding any old manufacturer, but one who could create a niche product and one whose manufacturing process was ethical and morally acceptable.”

As well as advocating for people to be themselves and reject society’s status quo, Odd Pears is a  strong believer in charity and reaching out to those in need. They currently run their own Ethical Consumerism Program called One Pear One Dollar, where they take $1 from every sale and pass it on to their partner charity organization ‘$1 Day’. This money is then invested into the lives of people experiencing global inequality due to things like lack of education, finance, health services and safe living spaces. So far, a health clinic has been built, sanitation missions have been implemented, and a ‘back to school’ program for Syrian Refugees has been started.

We decided pretty early on in the game that we wanted to be a company of substance, socially and ethically responsible and committed to doing our part. This is our way of getting our wonderful supporters involved in a marvellous cause with far-reaching implications.”

Creating Odd Pears and committing to make the most out of the past 11 months it’s been running for has taught Brock that there is no formula to life and to take each day for what it is, at face value.

The best service you can give yourself is to trust yourself and commit wholeheartedly. Every drop of knowledge you gain from chasing your dreams is worth a thousand days of chasing someone else’s. If you don’t get off your ass and have a go, then you’ll find yourself twenty years later, working on another person’s dream and regretting each time you told yourself not to do it.”


You can also check out Odd Pears socks on instagram @oddpears and give them a follow!