wedding-dress-designer-toni-maticevski-shares-his-style-tips6749aaaa9f42479bba4c9ae4ac2c0ae0 Toni Maticevski - Runway - Spring 2010 MBFW maticevski1
More akin to art than everyday wear, designs by Maticevski are made with impressive attention to detail and incredible skill. His work with the female form, creating designs incorporating fluid lines and mechanical points, demonstrates the expertise and attention in which these deigns are created.

Toni Maticevski has been creating works of art in the fashion industry since 1999. Maticevski started his career working in New York and Paris retuning to Melbourne in 1998 to begin creating his own label. Maticevski designs are filled with innovative, and glamourous garments which reject the norm and showcase a unique approach to fashion.

Maticevski has gained interest locally and internationally, winning Melbourne Fashion Festival’s New Designer Award in 2002 and being involved in Sydney Fashion Week in the same year. He then moved to have collections in New York Fashion Week, until 2010 when he again returned to Melbourne to focus on his brand.

Having also worked with dance institutions such as Phillip Adams Ballet Lab, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Maticevski has taken his design to the next level, with experimental use of cut and drape to shape his garments into beautifully balanced and modern designs.

Maticevski continues to grow as a label, creating shoe collections and also offering a bridal service.

Be sure to check Maticevski’s website and social media for more information.



By Zoe Fraussen