Lyloh Sarongs

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With summer reaching its end for the season, the days spent at the beach will stop, and beachwear will return itself into the back your wardrobe. But before it’s over, with just a few warm days left it is never too late to introduce the latest summer essential.

Lyloh Sarongs is an Australian label producing fine quality, long lasting sarongs that come in unique colours, paterns and styles. Made from 100% rayon, natural dye and patterns designed from mahogany leaves and coconut palm leaves, Lyloh designs uses on the best quality materials to make long, beautiful sarongs perfect for any height. Not only are the sarongs durable and lightweight, but can be worked however you choose, with the versatility to be styled as a jumpsuit, a dress or simply used as a light towel.

To top it off, Lyloh Sarongs use a portion of profits to support a variety of charities. With $10 of every purchase made from a a collection of designs, is donated to one of many charities, including Voiceless 365, Women of Lao and Destiny Rescue.

We at Vashti are always behind labels that are both good quality and charitable and Lyloh is no exception! Find them on

By Jessica Clausen