Le Vietnam: Banh Mi is not Just About the Meat

Image from Zomato
Image from Zomato

With the rise in popularity of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles in today’s society, the demands for restaurants and cafes to accommodate for these diets have skyrocketed. In Perth City, there seems to be little or a complete lack of vegan and vegetarian options in popular cafes. However Lee, the owner and creator of the café Le Vietnam, knows the importance of providing a vegan and vegetarian option for his customers.

Le Vietnam is a recently established contemporary café that is positioned on the side of Barrack St, and now also on William St, in the heart of Perth City. This eclectic French and Vietnamese inspired café, is host to a dynamic and stimulating range of menu options, from small snacks, to main meals, salads, and various styles of coffee, with the main feature being the delectable Banh Mi.

Le Vietnam’s signature dish is a French inspired Vietnamese baguette characterised by overflowing vibrant ingredients, the Banh Mi specific pâté and mayo, and an ingenious title that is almost as punchy as the meal. Lee’s mouth-watering recipe, cultivated from his travels to Paris to work with French Master Chefs, includes original, vegan and vegetarian friendly options.

“We always cater to vegetarians and vegans, and people who don’t eat pork and meat, so we have a whole wide variety of different fillings… we cater to every tongue possible,” Lee says.

The availability of the vegetarian Banh Mi and the ability to design your own salads, lends to the strong support from the vegan and vegetarian community in Perth City.

From the customer service, to café design, to the quality of food and pricing, Le Vietnam is a cultural hub for French and Vietnamese inspired street food that has earned its reputation as being a food hot spot in WA. By accommodating for vegan and vegetarian dietary lifestyles, Lee has gained a following from the community, which continues to grow with his flourishing business.

By Rachelle Erzay