Fresh Australian Swimwear Label With an Eco-Friendly Agenda

For Elle Evans, the ocean is an incredibly treasured place. Growing up in Melbourne, her love of water knew no bounds and she immersed herself in a beachside life as much as possible. Coupled with her love of sewing – a familial passion passed on by both her Mother, who is a draftsperson, and Grandmother, who was a dressmaker and knitter – it’s no wonder she successfully managed to create a swimwear label at the age of just 22. Much of her young life was spent making the most of the opportunities she was given, and she regularly participated in fashion parades and fashion/design competitions in her home town. She moved to an Arts-focused high school and went on to complete her Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design, and after working as an assistant designer in Melbourne for three years, she made the decision to start her own Swimwear label- Elle Evans Swimwear.

Elle Evans Swimwear is not your ordinary local Australian Swimwear label – they strive to be as sustainable and low-impact as possible, without sacrificing the detail and quality of fit and style.

“Every day I work towards making Elle Evans more sustainable. I’m constantly blown away by how wasteful the fashion industry can be and how little information shoppers are given about what they are buying.”

All products are designed and created in Australia by a team of only three, consisting of a seamstress, designer and web designer. In the manufacturing of their products they only make use of post-consumer waste fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away as landfill. This has the added benefit of using 80% less production energy. The team are also working towards creating fastenings and trims that are just as eco-friendly.

Another creative feature of Elle Evans Swimwear is the addition of instructive washing labels sewn onto every garment, helping wearers reduce unnecessary energy consumption expended during the washing and drying processes – an incredibly environmentally damaging stage. The team also plan to begin a ‘take back program’ for their garments, where customers that do not want to donate their used swimwear to charity or friends and family can give them back to the company where they will be taken care and disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

Elle Evans Swimwear is both fashionably and sustainably forward. Featuring a brilliant mix of vibrant blue, purple and silver shades the garments are all created with unique cuts and styles, many inspired by lunar and ocean themes. They have also recently released a children’s range consisting of a number of floral and frilled bathing suits and board shorts to suit all young beach lovers!

Check out the Elle Evans Swimwear online shop at and give them a follow on Instagram @elleevansswimwear