FABSOC UWA Fashion Fest

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The University of Western Australia’s Social Justice Week was brought to a close last Thursday May 7th with a night of ethical fashion and social awareness hosted by the FABSOC UWA in collaboration with OxfamUWA.

The evening kicked off with the expo fair, an opportunity for fair trade and ethical organisations to present their brands and educate the attendees about the impact of unethical choices in our world. For many, this event was their first exposure to sustainable lifestyles and helped to deliver on the events goals of raising awareness.

Illuminated by a fairy-light catwalk, the three runway shows of the evening took to the floor to present a selection of the ethical fashion that is available in Perth city. Models dressed in clothes by RANA Clothing, Anjel MS and Shift to Nature, along with many other talented designers, demonstrated to the crowd how functional and accessible sustainable fashion is with just a small amount of effort.

One of the highlights of the night was an outfit by The Goodies Perth, RANA Clothing and Melissa Shoes, which received a loud cheer on arrival to the runway. The strong patterns, light fabric and impeccable styling was an obvious crowd favourite and helped to close out the show while reinforcing the recurring message of easy sustainable fashion.

Joshua Sanchez-Lawson, founder of the society said “Fashion is something that is so important in our lives and I truly believe that being sustainable is possible.” “It just takes a minute of being aware of what your buying, checking that you’re helping the person who made your clothes.”

FABSOC UWA: https://www.facebook.com/fabsocuwa

OxfamUWA: https://www.facebook.com/OxfamUWA

Photography by Medi Esmail: http://www.me-photography.com.au/

By Laurie Power