Designer Feature: Tindale

 1889050_612019635535745_1473602953_o Tindale

Not many West Australian designers have made a massive impact in the international market but certain designers are coming close to bursting into the world stage, such as Tindale. The label was founded by Michelle (Shelly) Tindale in 2010 and is one of the most exciting designer brands to establish itself from the Perth fashion scene. The Fremantle based designer is more avant-garde in her aesthetic with a darker twist on evening wear. Tindale’s designs offer conceptual and modern garments and pieces using quality luxury fabrics, proudly manufactured and designed in Australia.

Tindale has always been proudly Fremantle and West Australian based, and has always supported local and national talent. Along with a few other established labels, Tindale has been recognised for countless accolades in the West Australian fashion sphere and the label was recently nominated for the Western Australian Designer of the Year Award in 2015. She was also selected as Western Australia’s top emerging talent in the prestigious Banshu Fashion Textile Program where she has an opportunity to impress Japanese stockists with upcoming collections, allowing her to finally make a mark in the wider fashion community.

The avant-garde label excites West Australian fashionistas in their designs, playing with more refined aesthetics and cuts – allowing the women who wear these garments to capture a sense of strength whilst demanding attention. It’s a label for confident women and those who are aware of their personal style. Made with soft fabrics with beautiful patterns, Tindale utilises clever draping techniques in her designs to create feminine, edgy and seductive pieces. By far Tindale’s most intricate feature in her design process is her attention to detail. Tindale uses dark colours, texture and form to pursue the dark, mysterious and elegant styling of her designs despite the asymmetry in its composition. Inspired by the beauty of ageing architecture, it’s classy with a slice of punk rock, and everyone loves clothes with some personality.

Photography by Romain Duquesne

HMUA by Hedra Widjaja 

Styled by Chloe Christos 

By Ariel Nanagas