Designer Feature: San Cora


For any woman looking for feminine ready-to-wear pieces San Cora offers something more refined and luxurious. The label which was founded in 2014 by Susan Tran specialises in geometrical and edgy silhouettes, vibrant patterns and immaculate tailoring. Susan Tran’s motivation is all about redefining and changing the sphere of Australian fashion whilst “reaching the epitome of elegance”. Her goal to bring change and to eventually grow and influence the world doesn’t put her out of supporting the Perth fashion scene. Tran, a proud Australian with a Chinese and Vietnamese heritage is one of Perth’s emerging designers and knows the value of supporting our local industry and the talent that our city produces.

What is fascinating about Susan Tran’s designs are her vibrant patterns, which are quite architectural in detail, the same for her geometric cuts, yet somehow can still be feminine and fun to wear, perfect for day-to-night styling, this makes it a statement piece in any woman’s closet. Especially made to be self-sufficient, long lasting and to accentuate the female body allowing the wearer to not only look but feel beautiful, Tran’s designs will never go out of style. Her Erosion collection featured strong lines with raw and colourful patterns imitating the beauty of chemical processes against white lining giving it that architecturally futuristic yet feminine element to the design. And they’re never afraid to be a little bold. There are garments made from the collection that ticks all the boxes for futuristic shapes yet featuring cuts that showcase and flatter features of a woman’s body. However the designs are softer in San Cora’s Vignette collection which is more feminine and light in construction.

All garments under the San Cora label are made in Australia, which allows for guaranteed quality for that luxe aesthetic. It’s no surprise that Tran makes the most of her base location. Perth has a particularly tight-knit fashion community, and the city itself prides itself on diversity and homeliness. The city’s fashion scene has always been welcoming in helping up-and-coming designers. Experimentation and new ideas are embraced by San Cora – and the support from the Perth fashion community has allowed them to put their own support and contribution to the scene.

Photography byAndy Huang

HMUA by Janelle Han

Styled by Zoe Van Zanten


By Ariel Nanagas