Designer Feature: Jonte Pike


Jonté is what happens when you combine South African cultural and ethnic influences into Perth’s fashion sphere. The result? A fresh perspective that breathes new trends, while playing around with existing ones. Established in 2012, the brand is renowned for their sensational dresses, as well as their beautiful and breathable sleek and comfy garments.

The brand takes its name from its head designer, Jonté Pike. To her, the world of fashion has always been a familiar environment. Her mother’s fashion lectures back in South Africa inspired Jonté to pursue fashion when she was just a young girl. Her move to Australia was accompanied with her goal to study Fashion Design, further deepening her interests in the business of making clothes. After she finished her studies, Jonté had created her own unique style of adding twists and turns into the clothing trends of Perth.

Jonté’s high quality craftsmanship and her strong design signatures are attributed to her extensive training and vast experiences in the fashion industry. She won a textile scholarship to Japan, then to South Korea to attend an International Trade Show. In 2012, her brand was showcased in Perth Fashion Week, sparking interests and a growing loyal customer base. It’s no surprise that the reception for her designs were largely positive. She brought with her a breath of fresh air to the Perth Fashion scene by introducing new designs that were pleasurable to eyes of Western Australians. Jonté’s latest pieces use atmospheric prints that are sleek and eye-catching, such as bright beads of differing colours on a stark black background, which can be seen on one of her maxi dresses. Prints are usually either abstract, florals, or photo-based. Another notable trend Jonté is setting is by mixing two elements of unlikely clothing into one beautiful ensemble like a cape that also looks like a shirt. She calls this piece the “antiquity cape”, a play of colours and silhouettes by making the cape two toned and ambiguously shirt-looking.

Jonté managed to flourish into the local fashion scene, establishing a strong hold due to her masterful production quality as well as her ingenious garment designs. Perth and its surrounding may not be a very large market compared to the eastern states, but the support for new designers is undeniably strong and ever growing. We’re looking forward to seeing what Jonté has in store next!

Photography by Ryan Ammon

Hair by Jess Helstead 

Makeup by Brooke Carter & Tasha Triglia 

By Christopher Matahari