Designer Feature: Geachi


Telstra Perth Fashion Festival’s WA Born was swarming with Western Australia’s most talented designers this September, showcasing their designs on a global stage. Jessica and Sally Geach were among them, showing off the latest from their label Geachi.

Birthed during the sisters’ studies in Fashion Design at Polytechnic-West TAFE, Geachi prides itself in bringing avant-garde pieces to your everyday wardrobe and specializes in evening wear. The label’s sleek yet fun garments compliment all body types, which is exactly what Geachi is about: exposing women’s “hidden sexiness, femininity, and confidence”. The sisters affirm us “everybody should feel glamorous, sexy and a million dollars when wearing Geachi”.

Head designer Sally gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of Geachi, from what prompted its launch to what inspires its designs.

“From a young age I was always creating things,” she says. “I began sewing when Jessica would come home from her fashion design course and while she sewed for class I would sew my own little creations. It all stemmed from there, it was something I was good and at really enjoyed!

“Once I learnt how to sew I think I started to take notice of fashion. Seeing Haute Couture collections blew my mind as I realized art and creativity could be transformed into amazing garments. Both Jessica and I have always loved styling and creating outfits, so once we realized we both had a passion for it we knew we would join forces one day.”

After studying fashion, Jessica continued her studies by completing a Commerce degree in Business Marketing and Public Relations. The team wants to combine their understanding of the creative and business sides of the fashion industry to conquer the world with their designs.

“We aim to be one of the top online fashion destinations for women’s fashion,” Sally says. “We have a year full of exciting events and photo shoots, each week something new and exciting happens for us so who knows where it will lead.”

As for what inspires their creations, Sally assures us it is “everything”. “We love looking at different cultures and traditions, seeing how different people create things and use art in there own way. We love colour and texture. [Also] travelling, seeing new fabrics and prints. Making an inspiration board of a theme we want to go with for the season that we can continually feed off and design from.”

While Candice Swanepoel and her embodiment of all things glamorous and feminine make her an ideal model for Geachi gowns, the designers say they want to appeal to every woman. “We aim to embrace all parts of being a woman and celebrating the female form. We want to bring glamour and femininity to our designs so any woman can feel absolutely amazing wearing our clothes; whether she is an everyday working girl or a well-known celebrity.”

The Perth-based duo say there is great support for local WA Designers. “Whenever we tell people what we do we get such a great response. There are lots of events and opportunities for local talent to get great exposure and positive push to do really well.

“An event like WA Born are great for meeting new people in the Perth Fashion scene and allows us to tell more people about what we do at Geachi.”

The Geach sisters hope to be involved in more events like WA Born in the future, so keep an eye out for more of their awesome designs!

Photography by

HMUA by Amy Brady

Styled by Sally Geach

By Joanna Delalande