Demelza Buckley: “all-rounder” fashionista – designer, blogger, stylist, and presenter.

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Demelza Buckley is an Irish fashion designer, writer, blogger, and stylist, who is now currently experiencing a new journey of her life in Perth. She has been in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, from working as a visual merchandiser in high street brands, such as Oasis and Topshop, to being a presenter in television covering fashion and lifestyle features.

This fashionista completed her degree in fashion and launched a graduate collection, successfully selling her wonderfully designed pieces.

When asked about her decision in being involved in the fashion industry, Demelza said, “I don’t think I ever decided, I think it was showed to me.”

Her mom, who has a love for making garments, introduced her to fashion, and she intuitively followed the path.

Being from a country that has winter season most of the time, Demelza experienced a culture shock coming to Perth. She finally sees cropped tops and summer fashion as a part of people’s daily style in Perth.

“I definitely see different boutiques offering different clothes compared to Europe. However, I’d like to see H&M and Zara here in Perth. Unless you know where to shop, it’s a bit hard in here.”

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Moving away from her hometown, Demelza has established herself among fashion bloggers in Australia. She finds people here in Australia very friendly and helpful, welcoming her in Australia’s fashion scene.

Romantic, feminine, and chic were the words Demelza used to describe her own style. She can be seen wearing colourful outfits with different patterns in her daily style. Demelza embraces her creative side by taking most of her pictures with street arts all around Perth. She mixes the current trends with her personality to create her own signature styles.

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Her must-have fashion item would be a Chanel handbag. “Very classic and timeless.”

Demelza thinks that,“Vashti has a cause, purpose, and voice. Not just empty fashion.” Not only is Demelza all about the fashion industry, she is also against animal cruelty, supporting the awareness of animal extinction as Vashti does.

Demelza realises how competitive and tough the fashion industry is. “Working in the fashion environment is very competitive. We should focus on originality; staying true to ourself. Focus on your own uniqueness. Remember why people look up to you. Because you have an eye what other people don’t have.”

In the near future, Demelza intends to do a small collection of her designs to be sold online, to keep her designing side going. She also plans to a launch a proper label later when moving back to Ireland.

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By: Hasianti Deamita