Clean Slate: Handmade Vegan Skincare





Battling her long-term skin issue, eczema, Katrina set out to not only solve the issue for herself, but also to provide other people with her vegan, handmade skin care products.  She started by experimenting with various ingredients until she found the perfect solution, which brought Clean Slate, formerly known as Peaches and Clean, to the market.

This rebranding was chosen to reduce the feminine vibe and cater to the male market as well. As she felt the previous packaging did not do justice to what was inside the beautiful bottles and jars, Katrina chose the name Clean Slate to replace Peaches and Clean.

Clean Slate was the answer to one of Katrina’s dreams: owning her own shop. “Clean Slate started when the MANY6160 project opened in October last year. I was offered a retail space, and thought why not?”

Unlike other skincare products, Katrina makes all of the products by hand and has no plans to change her manufacturing technique anytime in the future. To ensure the best quality products, she dedicates herself through research and makes no compromises in the ingredients she uses.

In addition to being its retailer, MANY6160 is Katrina’s second home and workspace, as she feels it important for her products to be made on site. Imagine your vegan beauty products hand-created in a spacious concrete room filled with shelves upon shelves of essential oils and raw ingredients, stainless steel benches, shop curing racks, and a stereo to accompany her work days. Minimal, sleek beauty – this is what Katrina’s workspace embodies.

Extending her product line, Katrina has recently finished a whipped Shea butter scrub, a dry face scrub as well as shampoo and conditioner that sound just perfect! And for the guys, Katrina has also been working on an exciting shaving cream and aftershave balm soon to be launched.

Clean Slate is completely on board with ethical manufacturing too, which is super beautiful:

“I am totally against animal testing and I don’t use ingredients that are tested on animals. My range is also vegan. I can achieve everything I need to without using animal products or ingredients tested on animals, so I don’t. There is a huge shift in this direction which is great to see.”

Visit Katrina and find Clean Slate at MANY6160, Fremantle from Wednesday to Sunday 10 to 5 p.m.

Find out more about Clean Slate’s products here