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Le Vietnam: Banh Mi is not Just About the Meat

Image from Zomato
Image from Zomato

With the rise in popularity of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles in today’s society, the demands for restaurants and cafes to accommodate for these diets have skyrocketed. In Perth City, there seems to be little or a complete lack of vegan and vegetarian options in popular cafes. However Lee, the owner and creator of the café Le Vietnam, knows the importance of providing a vegan and vegetarian option for his customers.

Le Vietnam is a recently established contemporary café that is positioned on the side of Barrack St, and now also on William St, in the heart of Perth City. This eclectic French and Vietnamese inspired café, is host to a dynamic and stimulating range of menu options, from small snacks, to main meals, salads, and various styles of coffee, with the main feature being the delectable Banh Mi.

Le Vietnam’s signature dish is a French inspired Vietnamese baguette characterised by overflowing vibrant ingredients, the Banh Mi specific pâté and mayo, and an ingenious title that is almost as punchy as the meal. Lee’s mouth-watering recipe, cultivated from his travels to Paris to work with French Master Chefs, includes original, vegan and vegetarian friendly options.

“We always cater to vegetarians and vegans, and people who don’t eat pork and meat, so we have a whole wide variety of different fillings… we cater to every tongue possible,” Lee says.

The availability of the vegetarian Banh Mi and the ability to design your own salads, lends to the strong support from the vegan and vegetarian community in Perth City.

From the customer service, to café design, to the quality of food and pricing, Le Vietnam is a cultural hub for French and Vietnamese inspired street food that has earned its reputation as being a food hot spot in WA. By accommodating for vegan and vegetarian dietary lifestyles, Lee has gained a following from the community, which continues to grow with his flourishing business.

By Rachelle Erzay 

Designer Feature: Sea Dreamer


The Sea Dreamer label was formed in 2013 by Lisa Redman and Tiarna Burton-Lowe. The modern Luxe Bohemian label embodies comfort and relaxation. The collections are made by ladies who grew up and lived near the sea, for ladies living near the sea. The clothing is comfortable and suitable for everyday situations, but the pieces also carry a feeling of uniqueness. The design invokes a love of summer and the beach, and it aims to be something all Australians can identify with.

Lisa says she first fell in love with design when she was just six years old and helping her Nan to design a flower girl dress (and she totally rocked this boho-style dress at her Auntie’s wedding!). Tiarna has had a love for fashion and design since she can remember, and spent a lot of her childhood filling sketchbooks and collecting cut-outs from magazines of things she dreamed of creating one day.

Textiles, prints and cuts drive the ladies creatively, and their travel experiences are what truly inspire the Sea Dreamer label. The creative process is truly a team effort; Lisa and Tiarna bounce ideas off each other while compiling their mood board of colours, themes and styles.

Lisa and Tiarna’s Sea Dreamer label’s Spring collection was featured in the WA Born Fashion Event held on 4th September 2015. They say the hardest thing about being located in the South West is the isolation from the east coast, and even from Perth City. This is why social media is such an integral part of their business. However, on the positive side, Lisa and Tiarna get to enjoy the laid back atmosphere and beaches of Dunsborough, so they are always surrounded by inspiration. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with the other creative talents in WA.

The ladies behind Sea Dreamer advise other WA designers to believe in themselves and to take every opportunity to share their own work with their communities. There is a lot of hard work involved, but the benefits are fantastic, such as seeing someone on the street wearing your label!

In the future, Lisa and Tiarna intend to continue expanding their business and entering the market in the eastern states and the USA. You may even see a few Sea Dreamer boutiques around the place someday!

Photography by Carly Brown

HMUA by Tomas Moucka

By Terina Kett

Something Different: Etsy pop up market event in Leederville


“Something Different” successfully brought Etsy to the offline world. This was an exciting event for adorable handcrafted goods lovers! The Leederville Arena hosted this three-days event featuring stalls from Etsy. As this offline Etsy festival supported local talented WA creatives, all products must be designed, crafted and manufactured in Western Australia.

Visiting this pop up event on the last day, the crowd was still eager to see the beautifully produced works of WA artisans and artists. Some of the stall-holders that manufactured handcrafted jewelleries included One Happy Leaf, Eden Dreams, and Slinky Lizard. Northbridge-based Ruck Rover General Store also participated in the event selling their new Christmas cards and other treats. Other WA’s gifted artisans who showcased their products also included Ilkay Dere from Art of Mud, who was selling handmade ceramic designs, Celia Bavcevich from Ce C’s Cakes offering their delicious brownie and cookie mix in a jar, and K Gets Organised showcasing her colorful stationery, planners, gifts, and cards!

This marketplace successfully connected brilliant artisans and artists with local art enthusiasts to experience their unique, high quality handcrafted goods. We definitely enjoyed a vibrant festive mood on a hot sunny day and are excited to see more upcoming WA talents showcased in our lovely city, Perth.

Student fashion ambassador focused on raising animal welfare awareness, one paw at a time

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For 18 year old Communications and Law student Joshua Sanchez-Lawson, fashion means more than what it does for most people.

Being an active club secretary of the UWA People for Animal Welfare (UWA PAW) and a student ambassador for the much loved online store ASOS, he has an avid passion for fashion with a conscience, and is responsible for running a wide range of information sessions and events such as vegan BBQ’s, education seminars, and fundraising parties. Recently, he hosted the UWA PAW De-Stress event where local organisations and shelters were invited onto the UWA campus, allowing students to interact with rescue animals and find out about volunteering, fostering and donating. Furthermore, being a student ambassador for ASOS gives him insight into the Green Room Initiative adopted by ASOS- they aim to provide workers who grow and make consumer goods better working conditions and wages, and also stock a wide range of eco-conscious items.

‘Fashion is its best when it can inspire and excite us without unnecessary harm to people, animals, or the environment,’ says Josh, and through his collaborative involvement with UWA PAW and ASOS, he is focused on raising awareness for animal welfare across the UWA campus.

Josh views fashion as an ultimate form of self-expression, and believes getting involved in various university clubs is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience for all people, offering many opportunities. ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Take risks with fashion and express yourself. Respect diversity, and don’t be afraid to get involved with something you believe in!’

Josh hopes to eventually work in fashion media or creative direction, and his involvement with ASOS is most definitely paving the way.

Check out the UWA PAW Facebook page and give Josh a follow on Instagram @dirtysanchezlawson!

Open House Perth 2014 Event Launch Party

Celebrating the upcoming Open House Perth 2014, Perth’s most modern hub, Brookfield Place, hosted the launch event party last Wednesday. The event was attended by architects, designers, bloggers, and locals who were passionate about the transforming vibrant city of Perth. Deputy Lord Mayor Rob Butler opened the event with a speech, proudly stating Perth as one of the top 10 most livable cities in the world. Channel Seven very own Mark Gibson, as the official Open House ambassador, also attended the launch event inspiring locals to get the buzz of the event around. His fiery passion for Perth has brought Channel Seven’s special report on Open House as the most watched story on Tuesday.

With the tagline, “Want a backstage pass to the city?”, Open House Perth aims to showcase Perth’s most iconic destinations, giving a dazzling opportunity to explore more than 70 great spaces in the city for free. This event encourages locals to be tourists in their own town, unlocking a blend of old and new architectural structures that will be accessible to the public.

Open House Perth will take place this weekend on November 1 – November 2, 2014 all over the city and also venturing up to the fringe suburb areas, including North Perth, Mount Lawley, Maylands, and South Perth. Head to their website to know which destinations are featured this year.


Karen Walker’s Worldly Vision


Her eyewear campaigns have featured children, advanced style stars, albinos and now Karen Walker is using the advertising platform to highlight the plight of poverty-stricken African regions, working with the United Nations’ International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative.

The New Zealand-based designer just released her Spring 2014 campaign in which she gives a face to the Kenyan artisans who worked on her range. Karen Walker is known for her provocative, out of the ordinary visuals. The latest campaign however, called ‘Karen Walker Visible’, might be the most innovative one yet.

For the range, the designer worked with a group of Kenyan artists who created the pouches sold with each pair of sunglasses purchased. Made using local materials, machinists, tailors, metal workers and Maasai beaders, the result is an exquisitely crafted collection of embellished and screen-sprinted sunglass slips.

It’s these craftsmen and women who are cast in the campaign, shot by Derek Henderson, created a visually arresting tribute to the artists’ culture and creative talent.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative aims to promote fair and sustainable business rather than a reliance on aid in disadvantaged African and Haitian communities, bringing together craftspeople and international brands to produce products and hope to change the future with these initiatives.

Karen was thrilled to be able to work with the Ethical Fashion Initiative on this project and explained that she “wanted to expand on that by presenting not only the pouches they’re creating for us, but also something more intimate – a glimpse into the world that the work is coming from.”

“This campaign captures both this innate optimism and love of maximum impact in the images themselves and also the way in which they direct our attention to this part of the world and the work being done there. In short, the images help bring visibility to this place, these people and the work of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.”

The new collection of sunglasses includes oversized black frames with colour-tinted translucent lenses and gold trims, gold glitter and filigree styles, and reflective gold lenses.

For further information on the Ethical Fashion Initiative, visit


Karen Walker Visible Eyewear