BojanaPetrovichDesigns by Bojana Petrovich


In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway on FEBRUARY 28th, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers!

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Designer: Bojana Petrovich

Brand: BojanaPetrovichDesigns

Age: 27

Bojana’s passion started from a young age – days drawing and making clothes for her dolls became the foundation for her fashion line, BojanaPetrovichDesign. After her first dress made waves among friends on social media, she decided to turn it from hobby to something more serious.

Elegance and power are what her clothes exude – with a touch of sex appeal to boot. As for her inspiration, it’s drawn from real life, objects and people around her:

[What inspires me is] the movements of women on the street/If I might catch a glimpse at a café, etc., structural lines of buildings/bridges around me, patterns, interior design magazines.

With style icons like Brigitte Bardot, it’s no surprise Bojana doesn’t hold back on the feminine in her designs. Flowing sheer skirts and beautiful, florid patterns show a bold edge, complementing and accentuating skin, which is celebrated extensively through short tops and the aforementioned sheer.

A very modern and definitely Australian touch is a fantastic addition to our Foxfeet Summer Runway!

Follow the lovely Bojana:

Instagram: @bojanapetrovichdesigns