Blushed – Teagan Jacobs

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In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway on February 28th, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers!

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Designer: Teagan Jacobs

Brand: Blushed

Age: 21

Teagan’s label, Blushed, titles and describes what’s in store for you as your browse the collection. The blush of a woman’s skin compliments her just as Teagan’s label does to her models. And this is just what Teagan intends to create; a range that celebrates femininity and the ethereal whilst being a timeless staple to every girl’s wardrobe.

After graduating from ECU in 2014, Teagan began focusing on creating her own label, which has progressed greatly in the mere one year that it has been public. Teagan gets her inspiration from the world around her: people, places and culture. She has created a range for the dreamers of Perth, which refuses to hide the feminine figure in layers and thick textures, but emphasise its silhouette with sheer pieces, soft materials and soothing, feminine colours.

Ignoring the trends of style icons, or of current labels, Teagan prefers to express her creativity freely, making a truly unique collection. As many hopeful WA designers are aware, the designer of Blushed is conscious of the difficulty in emerging in popular and global media, but takes it as motivation to persist harder than other designers living in more fashion-focused states. Rather than waiting for opportunities in WA, she works hard to create her own.

We are looking forward to seeing Blushed come to life on the runway this February!

Instagram – @teaganjacobs

Website –

By Jessica Clausen