Be Naturally You – Samantha Sargent

We talked to the visionary behind Benaturallyou, Samantha Sargent. Benaturallyou promotes a range of delicious, eco-friendly and vegan products, as well as Sam’s own line, Be Genki! She’s a master of holistic living and a true entrepreneur.

Q: How did your passion for beauty and health develop?

A: I’ve always been interested in health and beauty, and am very grateful for my parents. My mum taught me about healthy eating from a young age, and later on encouraged me to get into yoga practice. Whereas my dad encouraged me to enjoy sports, to be outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, and to jump head first in to life. When I left school I enrolled in Makeup Artistry College, and it grew from there. I then went on to study Holistic Nutrition, Physical Education (Fitness) and Aromatherapy, as well as jumping at every opportunity to experience disciplines such as Vipassana meditation, Access Consciousness, Aura-Soma Colour Care and numerous other practices. I was and still am hungry for constant self-development and educating myself moreso. I love deep diving in to life and living. And whilst I love learning about a variety of industries and topics, it just so happens that health and beauty are that which I am mostly drawn to. I guess it’s because I am ultimately learning for my own benefit and improvement, and then love implementing it in to my business. This week I am finally heading up north to become a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, after using the tools and techniques in my private life for the past 7 years. It’s been an ever-growing and ever-evolving love for health and beauty.

Q: And this culminated in Benaturallyou?

A: Yes, absolutely. has two sides to it. One is the online shop that contains a collection of brands that tick all the natural, organic, eco, vegan, ethical boxes, while also being far superior in terms of their performance and quality. We go beyond what is considered and accepted as natural and organic. The other side to the website is the information and inspiration aspect. I have been extremely fortunate not only to have the ability to be in a constant state of learning and growing but also to travel the world many times over and learn from industry experts, so I love sharing what I have learnt, whether that be via making available the best-of-the-best products that we sell, or via the health and beauty tips, vegan recipes, nutrition notes and interviews with people who inspire the socks off me.

Q: What’s your morning routine?

A: Roll over and snuggle with my adorable husband. He then makes me a drink with cold drip organic coffee and fresh homemade hemp milk (I know… I’m so spoilt, aren’t I!!). We then go for a walk and swim at the beach together. Head home and do a 10 – 20 minute blast on the VersaClimber. A cardio machine that is like climbing a vertical wall. Intense to say the least! Shower. Make breakfast. Have a quick visit to the veggie and herb patch in the garden to say hello to the plants (and check to see that the bandicoot hasn’t dug any holes), and feed the garden worms our scraps from brekky. Then it’s back to the house to get started with work.

Q: With such a busy schedule, how do you stay motivated?

A: It’s as simple as I absolutely love what I do. Wholeheartedly. Not a day has gone by where I don’t count my lucky stars for being able to do what I love, with the most beautiful supportive family and staff I could ever wish for.

Q: What are your favourite beauty ingredients?

A: I love 100% pure plant oils. Nature is perfect as it is. I don’t believe there is any need to mess with it.

Q: If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: That’s way too difficult to choose. But… if I had to choose just one, it would have to be our Be Genki Body Oils. I have a bit of a “thing” for skin, and love the feel of soft smooth skin, and the Be genki Body Oils are the key to delivering this. People always comment on how soft and smooth my skin looks and feels, and it’s all because of these Body Oils. With 100% organic ingredients of sunflower, hemp, avocado, rosehip and a blend of organic essential oils, it’s like applying the most luxurious face oil to your body. My point-of-view is that skin care doesn’t finish at the neck. The entire body deserves to be nurtured.

Q: Who’s the greatest influence on you in your life?

A: As I mentioned before I have been extremely fortunate to travel the world, and have numerous people who have been kind and gracious to share their wisdom with me, those who I am eternally grateful for, and who I adore. But the single common thread with all these people is that they encourage me to trust, honour and respect what is true for me, so that it is me who influences everything within my life. I believe that we all have choice irrespective of how it may seem at the time, and that we are all responsible for everything that we create in our life. Nothing happens to us. We create everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is fundamental to setting ourselves free, and to understanding that no-one can affect you or influence you, but you.

Q: Could you tell us about the Vipassana 10-day meditation retreat you went on?

A: That’s a long story. The short version is that the 10-day retreats are amazing, and that it was one of the best things that I did, so much so that I went back again and again. Today’s life is filled so much with busy-ness, that very rarely do we take the time to stop and “be”. To be present. To be mindful. To practice equanimity. To take the time to spend hours just observing and being with nature. To disconnect from the online digital world. To disconnect from our thoughts. To disconnect from everything but the action of breathing in, and breathing out. This is what Vipassana offers, and so much more.

Q: Finally, favourite smoothie?

A: Homemade hemp milk + Peruvian maca + raw cacao + Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend + mucuna + passionflower + chaga + reishi + moringa + gubinge + berries (all organic or wildcrafted).

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