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Clean Slate: Handmade Vegan Skincare





Battling her long-term skin issue, eczema, Katrina set out to not only solve the issue for herself, but also to provide other people with her vegan, handmade skin care products.  She started by experimenting with various ingredients until she found the perfect solution, which brought Clean Slate, formerly known as Peaches and Clean, to the market.

This rebranding was chosen to reduce the feminine vibe and cater to the male market as well. As she felt the previous packaging did not do justice to what was inside the beautiful bottles and jars, Katrina chose the name Clean Slate to replace Peaches and Clean.

Clean Slate was the answer to one of Katrina’s dreams: owning her own shop. “Clean Slate started when the MANY6160 project opened in October last year. I was offered a retail space, and thought why not?”

Unlike other skincare products, Katrina makes all of the products by hand and has no plans to change her manufacturing technique anytime in the future. To ensure the best quality products, she dedicates herself through research and makes no compromises in the ingredients she uses.

In addition to being its retailer, MANY6160 is Katrina’s second home and workspace, as she feels it important for her products to be made on site. Imagine your vegan beauty products hand-created in a spacious concrete room filled with shelves upon shelves of essential oils and raw ingredients, stainless steel benches, shop curing racks, and a stereo to accompany her work days. Minimal, sleek beauty – this is what Katrina’s workspace embodies.

Extending her product line, Katrina has recently finished a whipped Shea butter scrub, a dry face scrub as well as shampoo and conditioner that sound just perfect! And for the guys, Katrina has also been working on an exciting shaving cream and aftershave balm soon to be launched.

Clean Slate is completely on board with ethical manufacturing too, which is super beautiful:

“I am totally against animal testing and I don’t use ingredients that are tested on animals. My range is also vegan. I can achieve everything I need to without using animal products or ingredients tested on animals, so I don’t. There is a huge shift in this direction which is great to see.”

Visit Katrina and find Clean Slate at MANY6160, Fremantle from Wednesday to Sunday 10 to 5 p.m.

Find out more about Clean Slate’s products here

Something Different: Etsy pop up market event in Leederville


“Something Different” successfully brought Etsy to the offline world. This was an exciting event for adorable handcrafted goods lovers! The Leederville Arena hosted this three-days event featuring stalls from Etsy. As this offline Etsy festival supported local talented WA creatives, all products must be designed, crafted and manufactured in Western Australia.

Visiting this pop up event on the last day, the crowd was still eager to see the beautifully produced works of WA artisans and artists. Some of the stall-holders that manufactured handcrafted jewelleries included One Happy Leaf, Eden Dreams, and Slinky Lizard. Northbridge-based Ruck Rover General Store also participated in the event selling their new Christmas cards and other treats. Other WA’s gifted artisans who showcased their products also included Ilkay Dere from Art of Mud, who was selling handmade ceramic designs, Celia Bavcevich from Ce C’s Cakes offering their delicious brownie and cookie mix in a jar, and K Gets Organised showcasing her colorful stationery, planners, gifts, and cards!

This marketplace successfully connected brilliant artisans and artists with local art enthusiasts to experience their unique, high quality handcrafted goods. We definitely enjoyed a vibrant festive mood on a hot sunny day and are excited to see more upcoming WA talents showcased in our lovely city, Perth.

Open House Perth 2014 Event Launch Party

Celebrating the upcoming Open House Perth 2014, Perth’s most modern hub, Brookfield Place, hosted the launch event party last Wednesday. The event was attended by architects, designers, bloggers, and locals who were passionate about the transforming vibrant city of Perth. Deputy Lord Mayor Rob Butler opened the event with a speech, proudly stating Perth as one of the top 10 most livable cities in the world. Channel Seven very own Mark Gibson, as the official Open House ambassador, also attended the launch event inspiring locals to get the buzz of the event around. His fiery passion for Perth has brought Channel Seven’s special report on Open House as the most watched story on Tuesday.

With the tagline, “Want a backstage pass to the city?”, Open House Perth aims to showcase Perth’s most iconic destinations, giving a dazzling opportunity to explore more than 70 great spaces in the city for free. This event encourages locals to be tourists in their own town, unlocking a blend of old and new architectural structures that will be accessible to the public.

Open House Perth will take place this weekend on November 1 – November 2, 2014 all over the city and also venturing up to the fringe suburb areas, including North Perth, Mount Lawley, Maylands, and South Perth. Head to their website to know which destinations are featured this year.


Asuar – “As You Are” by Lauren Atkinson





Asuar is a Perth-based fashion label created by the talented Lauren Atkinson. The designer uses hand crafted patterns and exquisite materials to bring unique creative designs, inspired from art, architecture, and travel. Her travel to Vietnam has birth the latest Spring/Summer 14/15 collection. Read our interview below to know more about Asuar and the designer behind it.

What inspired you to create Asuar in the first place?

I have been interested in art and textiles for as long as I remember and my mind is always going crazy with new ideas that can be translated into printed cloth or garments. I completed a BA in Contemporary Arts with a double major in Visual Art and Contemporary fashion and then I went onto work as a freelance textiles designer and for a textiles wholesaler, which developed my knowledge about the fashion industry, and gradually the business developed quite organically.

What differentiates Asuar from other fashion labels?

Asuar is a boutique label that prides itself on creating unique, quality pieces for the relaxed Australian lifestyle. All processes are completed in house, from the artworks for print, to the final sampling. This allows us to constantly respond to the creative process, which, I feel generates more of a sense of authenticity.

Can you tell us a bit of the process of creating your designs?

The creative process varies, however it is a culmination of capturing natural beauty through selecting exquisite materials, manipulating fabric and introducing interesting images derived from travel, culture and experiences. The recent Spring Summer collection was influenced by my travels throughout Vietnam and the visual relationships I built with the local street and village cultures.

What 3 words describe Asuar?

I guess carefree, textural and comfortable springs to mind.

Who do you see wearing your designs?

I see both younger and older women who are really cool and down to earth! The pieces can be worn either individually or electively. I think it is really exciting to see the outcome of when people mix pieces from different sources, old, new and reinvented.

What challenges have you faced as an emerging designer?

It has all been a huge learning curve really from sourcing, sampling, marketing, sales, PR and production. There is a lot to manage but it has been a great experience. I guess the biggest challenge is ensuring that the sales and delivery dates align with other prominent Australian designers, which is just a matter of being really prepared and ordering supplies in advance, as unexpected delays are quite common.

Can you share with us your experience in showcasing your designs in Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2014? How did you feel about it?

Yes, Asuar showed in the WA Designer category and it was a really nice experience where we had a great support from the community. It is such an awesome event for both emerging and established designers and I feel so privileged to be able to be part of it.

What have been the highlights of the journey in creating Asuar?

Nothing tops the feeling after shooting a campaign. So much goes into the sampling and organizing the components of a shoot but the highlight, for me is collaborating with other creative individuals that understand your vision and then producing images to reflect the story and the brand.

Can you describe your daily style?

I guess my style is quite relaxed and eclectic. I don’t live by rules where you must match this with that. I tend to mix interesting statement pieces with basics and vintage items. I am very drawn to fabrics with a beautiful hand feel or colour and I definitely buy quality over quantity these days.


Demelza Buckley: “all-rounder” fashionista – designer, blogger, stylist, and presenter.

photo 1

Demelza Buckley is an Irish fashion designer, writer, blogger, and stylist, who is now currently experiencing a new journey of her life in Perth. She has been in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, from working as a visual merchandiser in high street brands, such as Oasis and Topshop, to being a presenter in television covering fashion and lifestyle features.

This fashionista completed her degree in fashion and launched a graduate collection, successfully selling her wonderfully designed pieces.

When asked about her decision in being involved in the fashion industry, Demelza said, “I don’t think I ever decided, I think it was showed to me.”

Her mom, who has a love for making garments, introduced her to fashion, and she intuitively followed the path.

Being from a country that has winter season most of the time, Demelza experienced a culture shock coming to Perth. She finally sees cropped tops and summer fashion as a part of people’s daily style in Perth.

“I definitely see different boutiques offering different clothes compared to Europe. However, I’d like to see H&M and Zara here in Perth. Unless you know where to shop, it’s a bit hard in here.”

photo 4

Moving away from her hometown, Demelza has established herself among fashion bloggers in Australia. She finds people here in Australia very friendly and helpful, welcoming her in Australia’s fashion scene.

Romantic, feminine, and chic were the words Demelza used to describe her own style. She can be seen wearing colourful outfits with different patterns in her daily style. Demelza embraces her creative side by taking most of her pictures with street arts all around Perth. She mixes the current trends with her personality to create her own signature styles.

photo 5

Her must-have fashion item would be a Chanel handbag. “Very classic and timeless.”

Demelza thinks that,“Vashti has a cause, purpose, and voice. Not just empty fashion.” Not only is Demelza all about the fashion industry, she is also against animal cruelty, supporting the awareness of animal extinction as Vashti does.

Demelza realises how competitive and tough the fashion industry is. “Working in the fashion environment is very competitive. We should focus on originality; staying true to ourself. Focus on your own uniqueness. Remember why people look up to you. Because you have an eye what other people don’t have.”

In the near future, Demelza intends to do a small collection of her designs to be sold online, to keep her designing side going. She also plans to a launch a proper label later when moving back to Ireland.

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By: Hasianti Deamita