Aqeela Isaacs

In preparation for our Foxfeet Summer Runway on FEBRUARY 28th, we’ll be doing a short piece on each of our featured designers!

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Designer: Aqeela Isaacs

Brand: Aqeela Isaacs

Age: 21

Born in Cape Town but growing up in Australia, Aqeela makes clothes that she loves.

“My brand is very much my own style, clothing I would personally wear myself. The reason being is because I found it very tough finding clothing suit my personality in stores, so I decided to create it not only for myself but others with the same fashion sense as mine.”

Drawing inspiration from the wonder of nature for this collection – specifically the African sunset moth, symbolizing a hidden and undiscovered beauty.

“On its wings are millions of iridescent flaps that when light hits it, amazing colours reflect off its wings. So beautiful it is in fact mistaken for a butterfly. This unique creature inspired me to design and create this collection, with the intention to make all the beauty of the fine detailing shine through my garments just as the moths’ fine detailing in its wings make it such a beauty of the world.”

Subtle, draping layers and light, shimmering silk certainly exemplifies this throughout her collection, coated with lovely creams and bright turquoise. Lace-like embroidery plays perfectly into this very strong thematic collection, which is topped off by a beautiful red riding hood inspired outfit, complete with iridescent, reversible cape.

Aqeela is an undeniably strong and talented designer, and we’re glad to have her on board for the Fox Feet Summer Charity Runway.

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