Designer Feature: Sea Dreamer


The Sea Dreamer label was formed in 2013 by Lisa Redman and Tiarna Burton-Lowe. The modern Luxe Bohemian label embodies comfort and relaxation. The collections are made by ladies who grew up and lived near the sea, for ladies living near the sea. The clothing is comfortable and suitable for everyday situations, but the pieces also carry a feeling of uniqueness. The design invokes a love of summer and the beach, and it aims to be something all Australians can identify with.

Lisa says she first fell in love with design when she was just six years old and helping her Nan to design a flower girl dress (and she totally rocked this boho-style dress at her Auntie’s wedding!). Tiarna has had a love for fashion and design since she can remember, and spent a lot of her childhood filling sketchbooks and collecting cut-outs from magazines of things she dreamed of creating one day.

Textiles, prints and cuts drive the ladies creatively, and their travel experiences are what truly inspire the Sea Dreamer label. The creative process is truly a team effort; Lisa and Tiarna bounce ideas off each other while compiling their mood board of colours, themes and styles.

Lisa and Tiarna’s Sea Dreamer label’s Spring collection was featured in the WA Born Fashion Event held on 4th September 2015. They say the hardest thing about being located in the South West is the isolation from the east coast, and even from Perth City. This is why social media is such an integral part of their business. However, on the positive side, Lisa and Tiarna get to enjoy the laid back atmosphere and beaches of Dunsborough, so they are always surrounded by inspiration. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with the other creative talents in WA.

The ladies behind Sea Dreamer advise other WA designers to believe in themselves and to take every opportunity to share their own work with their communities. There is a lot of hard work involved, but the benefits are fantastic, such as seeing someone on the street wearing your label!

In the future, Lisa and Tiarna intend to continue expanding their business and entering the market in the eastern states and the USA. You may even see a few Sea Dreamer boutiques around the place someday!

Photography by Carly Brown

HMUA by Tomas Moucka

By Terina Kett

Designer Feature: Natalie Rolt

©Photograph live PL - Ben Scott photography - Sydney fashion photographer
©Photograph live PL – Ben Scott photography – Sydney fashion photographer

Natalie Rolt established her exclusive label in 2011. Truly a home-grown fashion designer, Natalie learnt everything from her mother and nan, and used social media to share her early collections with the world. She first opened an e-boutique in 2012, but a short year later she opened her own boutique in Applecross. The Natalie Rolt label specialises in made-to-measure swimwear and resort wear. Her designs explore and emphasise the beauty of the feminine form, and the beautiful garments’ bold colours reflect inner confidence.

Natalie entered the Apex Australia Teen Fashion Awards in her last year of high school at the suggestion of her textiles teacher Mrs Lily. Her designs made it all the way to the nationals, and this awesome achievement inspired her to continue her studies in fashion and open up her very own boutique!

Natalie begins her design process by checking out Instagram and Pinterest to find the perfect images for her mood boards every season. These images can be of anything from the way someone walks to a piece of architecture!

As a fantastic fashion designer born in WA, Natalie Rolt’s brand was featured in the WA Born Fashion Event held 4th September 2015. She says it can be quite difficult to be based in WA because all of her wholesalers are located in the eastern states. However, WA is her home and where her journey began, so it will always be a special place to her.

In the future, Natalie hopes to expand her boutique and create bridesmaid or relaxed bridal items, but she says this won’t be able to happen until she has a few more hands to help her with sewing! She’s looking forward to meeting and working with more of the amazingly creative people in Perth. Natalie’s advice to upcoming designers is to put in 100% from day one, and to grow organically. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run, but all of your hard work will pay off eventually!

Photography by Ben Scott

HMUA by Christopher Hanna 

Stylist and Model Shiralee Coleman 

By Terina Kett

Designer Feature: Infamous Friends



Beginning as a collaborative effort between Tanya Muia (who has worked over 20 years in the modelling and fashion industry) and her husband as an opportunity to be creative outside of their day jobs, Infamous Friends is now one of WA’s casual wear labels on the rise, with a cult following in Perth, now slowly making its mark in the eastern states. Bold and simple, these comfortable viscose tees are lengthy enough to offer versatility for personal styling. It’s a go-to basic that is also a collectable, wearing the catchy slogan depending on your mood, “the inspiration for our tees comes from our friends – our infamous friends of course. Our ethos is You Know Who You Are…Infamous Friends are the girlfriends in our lives that don’t take themselves too seriously. They are the loud ones, the proud ones – the confident ones who never shy away from being who they are.”

An entire collection of tees with slogans including but not limited to “bogan”, “not yet famous”, “risqué” and “fashion victim” allows for the wearer to make a statement about themselves on Perth streets. The short-sleeves and the breathability of the tee’s material make it a long-lasting essential in every girl’s wardrobe. “We certainly don’t think of ourselves as designers. We like to think of ourselves as two creative people who love fashion. And Infamous Friends was a new challenge that has allowed us to have some fun with something we love.” And certainly with the changing business of fashion the label has proved to be very popular. The collection, featuring a stylish tee with the word “bogan” makes a case for the current trendy in-your-face fashion. But the stamping of the word “bogan” certainly brings about some ideas, but as a claim for the Australian lifestyle it’s no wonder that the label is a proudly Australian brand that sits comfortably within the Australian fashion scene, which has always been a feminine market, but lately has been trying to come out with some soft-edge styles, and Infamous Friends is the right brand for this drift.

But what’s the experience for a label that began in WA? “The best things about being based out of WA is our experience and contacts within the Perth fashion industry. This support has by far been the most valuable factor in launching our label. So far, being based out of WA hasn’t been such an issue. At this stage we are still largely focussed on the Perth market.” For a young brand, strategy is important for tapping into the broader market, and like many labels today social media has been an invaluable asset in getting their name out there. And for a label as loud and proud and as fun as Infamous Friends there’s no hiding who you are.

Photography by Shift Creative

HMUA by Rebecca Collins

Styled by MYOMY Productions

By Ariel Nanagas