Perth Finds: 5 Boutiques | Behind The Monkey

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Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley is the home of a wide range of boutiques, specialty stores, bars and kitchens making it one of the most popular and lively streets in Perth. Included on this street, located in the Highgate shopping complex, there is a tranquil looking store homing a range of eclectic clothing, accessories and high quality luxury jewellery. Behind the Monkey is a thoughtful and wonderful store unique to its surrounding shops.

Understated and hidden amongst the busy Beaufort Street, Behind the Monkey is set up to complement the stores size and shape. The edges are lined with rows of clothing and square cabinets with a range of accessories, while towards the centre lies a glass cabinet, neatly stacked with jewellery.

The store is decorated as eclectic and charming as the goods for sale. Sitting in the corner at the entrance is small monkey sculpture, as a greeting to customers. The store and its products can be said to be, quite literally, behind the monkey. Scattered between the various assortments of goods are decorative floral wall pieces, bowler hats hanging from the ceiling and decorative branches.

Behind the Monkey chooses its pieces carefully. With a range of eclectic clothing labels such as Serpent & the Swan and Rue Stiic, and accessories from MANIAMANIA and Anonymous of 379, to name a few, the Highgate boutique supplies what we love most about boutiques: a unique range that maintains quality.

Behind the Monkey gives off the mood of a quaint forest, much like what you could expect to find in Alice’s Wonderland. The set up certainly does seem curious, and the range of products carefully chosen are a wonderful addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Be sure to venture in next time you are passing through Highgate.

By Jessica Clausen