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We love finding stores that push boundaries of the mainstream shopping experience; stores that find the environment, mood and aesthetic to be just as crucial to a successful store as honest service and quality products is. Taking a visit down Angove Street in North Perth, we came across S2; a small, chic store that has, in its seven years of opening, made a standout addition into Perth’s boutique scene, supplying a unique range of women’s fashion.

Holding a range of unique, understated designs, S2 is a store made to stand out from the crowd. With a modern aesthetic, S2 is constantly changing its interior; the store’s mood being a crucial factor in creating a divergent store from the norm. A striking, minimalistic space creates the mood of a studio or gallery; featuring a simple colour scheme, thoughtfully arranged furniture and artwork, and the scent of fresh flowers filling the air. The layout has been carefully chosen, showing S2’s dedication to aesthetic. You are sure to come back to the store and see a different layout, repositioned and restructured, while still keeping its modern atmosphere.

The structural, formalistic space perfectly exemplifies the type and quality of labels found in S2. With high value and distinctive flair being crucial parts to stock, the store holds an array of chic, timeless clothing and accessories stemming from a variety of Australian and international labels. Among the labels include clothing from Australian designers One Fell Swoop, and ESS Laboratory, along with international labels Isabel Benenato, Zambesi and Massada eyewear.

S2 not only takes pride in its range of labels, but its strong focus on honest customer service. The S2 team are passionate and involved in all aspects of their store; pushing boundaries to achieve quality service. With this service and its selection of elegant, unique pieces made for the chic, inventive woman, S2 will give you a brand new experience in shopping and is much deserving of a spot as one of Perth’s most original, stand out boutiques.

By Jessica Clausen

PRSC PR in Fashion Event

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On May 29th, Fremantle’s famous Raw Kitchen was transformed into a fashion hub as over 100 PR students, models and media sold out the Public Relations Students Chapter “PR in Fashion” event. Hosted annually by the PRSC, a member of the Curtin University Student Guild, the event connects those interested in PR and fashion careers with those who have established such.

Amor’cie Designs opened the show with a collection of designs exploring society’s expectations of exposure and shape. Bejeweled and shining in gold, the garments illuminated the runway with elegance and an undertone of attitude. International model Ayor Chuot spoke shortly about her experiences growing up in Sudan and how they shaped how she views her life now and how “I never thought I’d be gracing 10 pages of Marie Claire”, reminding us all to be who you are.

Designs by Vege Threads, an eco friendly fashion brand from Adelaide, took to the runway to remind the audience about the importance of being sustainable. COR.D (Cordelia Gibbs) “Behind the Front Line” collection appeared at this show and reminded us how much we love her work. The unique style and tailoring of Gibbs’ work stuns us every time we see it. Perth Fashion Blogger Katerina Deric spoke about her career thus far, crediting collaboration and connection to your audience as the two key elements to success.

Jonté Designs stunning collection of black and white pieces brought elegance to the show while maintaining style and functionality. The combination of opaque and sheer textures mixed with perfectly executed silhouettes created a cohesive and standout collection. PR manager and PRSC alum Dhivashini T. spoke about her career since graduating, crediting the PR in Fashion event for her current position as PR manager for fashion stylist and guest at the event, Ivanna Fontana. Closing out the show was BRUUG, with their well-established classic and elegant style that they are now renowned for.


Photography by Medi Esmail:

By Laurie Power