Perth Finds: 5 Boutiques | Tú

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For far too long, Northbridge has been seen as the suburb for clubbing, bars and late night antics. However, it is also home to a range of hidden stores and quiet cafés, making it quite peaceful during the day. One of our favourite small boutiques hidden in Northbridge is Tú, a quiet, intimate boutique located on William Street, which now consists of three areas; a store, a café and a gallery.

Tú began in 2004, originally located on Shafto Lane in Perth City, but has now relocated to the other side of the city in Northbridge. Much like many other of our favourite stores, Tú is well hidden, quietly placed between a range of small stores, cafés and bars. The room is similar to a narrow hallway, packed with trinkets and racks, giving it a cosy, humble feel that complements its dreamy, bohemian range of clothing, gifts and accessories.

Tú supports shopping local, ethical and handmade products, which is why you will find yourself surrounded by pieces from a range of local Australian designers, intricately handcrafted accessories and unique gifts. Tú’s stock includes a few favourite Australian designers such as Milk & Thistle and Stevie May, along with a large collection of local labels including some wonderful vegan-friendly skincare range, and collections from 33 Poets, House of Skye and Monster Alphabets.

One of our favourite parts of Tú is the latest addition, turning a single boutique into a three-concept building. Stepping into the very back of the store, you will find the staircase gallery, housing a range of artworks from local artists that are changed monthly.

At the very end of the building is Tú’s latest addition, Tea for Tú. This humble café gives shoppers a place to sit back and relax, making coffees, teas and treats in a charming, intimate environment perfect for winding down, and still a secret from the massive café-venturing audience.

Tú is a perfect find for those shoppers wanting to support local artists and designers, along with being an intimate and cosy setting. The store is draped with unique titbits, ornamental pieces and vintage-style mirrors and furniture, so that entering into this store becomes an adventure in itself.


By Jessica Clausen

Perth Finds: 5 Boutiques | The Black Wall

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Over the next month, we will be sharing a few of our favourite boutiques in and around Perth. We have chosen this range based on the stock they supply, how they differ from others and how they are set up. We will be posting one a week for five weeks.

Located on Jarred Street, adjacent to the Cottesloe train station hides The Black Wall, a small, modest store stocking a collection of popular Australian labels evocative of urban streetwear and edgy normcore.

The Black Wall, which you will probably find yourself accidentally stumbling across, started up with its old owners in 2010, before more recently being taken over by new owners Krystal and David in early 2014. The store is not overtly noticeable at first. Its shop window is covered in thick white zebra stripes, with the store name plastered across in black and a modest billboard sitting on the side of the road. The monochrome layout is non-pretentious, clean and simple which allows for the merchandise to be the focal point.

The stores setup gives a minimalistic feel and despite being packed with goods, the small building seems surprisingly spacious. The store is decorated with wooden display cabinets, a simple brick wall feature and a few ornaments placed across the room, maintaining a sleek and symmetrical layout.

The point is, The Black Wall doesn’t need loud or bright layouts to reel in attention. It is the abundance of labels and pieces that make it one of our Perth favourites. Ahead of the curb in Perth fashion, The Black Wall stocks many of the labels that we find incredibly difficult to find stocked locally. The range of labels stocked are high in quality, outstanding designs and popular names in fashion today. Featured in the range of new pieces include some more popular Australian labels such as Bec & Bridge, Alice McCall and Romance Was Born, but also supplies a larger range of independent and contemporary labels including men’s brand I Love Ugly and designer Emma Mulholland.

The Black Wall store is a taste of independent Australian fashion that is usually exclusive to eastern states and gives fans of street fashion an opportunity to purchase labels without the usual struggle of ordering online, paying ridiculous shipping fees and waiting 3-5 business days for it all to arrive.

Edgy, exclusive labels and the minimalist, simple layout make The Black Wall a stand out to other boutiques, with the added bonus of being walking distance to or from the beach! Make sure to check out their store when looking for quality, urban clothing and accessories.

The Black Wall:

By Jessica Clausen

Walk For Water 2015

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We are so lucky to live in a country where we have access to the water we want and need.

This was the message that echoed along the long hall of Distribution Lane on Wednesday May 13th, as people arrived to help support Aveda’s Walk for Water Fashion Fundraiser 2015. The candle-lit venue housed both the runway show and silent auction. iPods, clothing and artwork were among the highly popular auction prizes, with an ambitious but attainable goal of $8000 to be raised from these auctions.

Hosted by Djurra Lifestyle Salon and Spa, Walk for Water is a WaterAid initiative aiming to provide fresh drinking water to communities that lack this vital resource. 1400 children die every day from a lack of water, a problem that can be prevented with appropriate funding. As little as $100 could provide an entire community with access to a clean water supply and the education to maintain it.

The runway show featured designs by Jessica Nella, Bobby and Olive, Cordelia Gibbs, Emily Gibbs, Love in Tokyo and Julia Wood. The beautiful collection by Love in Tokyo was a personal favourite, as the beautiful materials and designs flowed down the runway with grace and elegance. The Polytechnic West alumni of Jessica Nella, Emily Gibbs and Julia Wood all proved their skills with this show, as their collections showed diversity while maintaining cohesion. Deconstruction was a common theme in this show, with many of the designs being a combination of different fabrics, styles and textures. Designers used common colours and fitted material to help maintain the designs structure, while giving it a unique flair.


Djurra Lifestyle Salon and Spa:

Photography by Ryan Ammon:

By Laurie Power

STYLEAID Photographic Exhibition 2015

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On Tuesday May 12th, STYLEAID hosted their 2015 Photographic Exhibition, raising funds for the Western Australian AIDS Council. The Lister Gallery in Subiaco hosted the event and the open space accompanying the beautiful artwork created a relaxed and fun atmosphere for the night.

Twelve Australian and international photographers showcased their art around the theme of GOGO: Modest, Modular and Modern. Encased in the soft lighting to perfectly showcase the photography, the GoGo theme was accompanied by the 1960s styled catering.

All twelve photographers included in the event hosted a variety of one-off, original images that could be purchased throughout the night, with all proceeds going to the WA AIDS council. The photographers included Justin Griffith, who showcased four shots that were influenced by Richard Avedon; and Carlo Fernandes, who’s two pieces focused on modesty and modernity respectfully.

All the pieces were beautiful and many were sold by the end of the night, providing great support to the WA AIDS Council. STYLEAID is also hosting a Charity Ball on 31 July, maintaining the GOGO theme and showcasing 2015/2016 collections from emerging and established designers.

To find out about ticket sales and more, visit the StyleAid website at

By Zoé Fraussen

FABSOC UWA Fashion Fest

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The University of Western Australia’s Social Justice Week was brought to a close last Thursday May 7th with a night of ethical fashion and social awareness hosted by the FABSOC UWA in collaboration with OxfamUWA.

The evening kicked off with the expo fair, an opportunity for fair trade and ethical organisations to present their brands and educate the attendees about the impact of unethical choices in our world. For many, this event was their first exposure to sustainable lifestyles and helped to deliver on the events goals of raising awareness.

Illuminated by a fairy-light catwalk, the three runway shows of the evening took to the floor to present a selection of the ethical fashion that is available in Perth city. Models dressed in clothes by RANA Clothing, Anjel MS and Shift to Nature, along with many other talented designers, demonstrated to the crowd how functional and accessible sustainable fashion is with just a small amount of effort.

One of the highlights of the night was an outfit by The Goodies Perth, RANA Clothing and Melissa Shoes, which received a loud cheer on arrival to the runway. The strong patterns, light fabric and impeccable styling was an obvious crowd favourite and helped to close out the show while reinforcing the recurring message of easy sustainable fashion.

Joshua Sanchez-Lawson, founder of the society said “Fashion is something that is so important in our lives and I truly believe that being sustainable is possible.” “It just takes a minute of being aware of what your buying, checking that you’re helping the person who made your clothes.”



Photography by Medi Esmail:

By Laurie Power

LUSH Mothers Day Gifts

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Are you looking for the perfect gift to show mum just how much you love and appreciate her? Mothers Day is coming around quickly and LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics have got you covered.

We were fortunate to try out some of the wonderful mother’s day treats on offer.

While there is no shortage of gifts to spoil mum at LUSH, a few stand outs included the ‘Yummy Mummy’ shower gel, ‘Rose Bombshell’ bath bomb, ‘Mother Superior’ bubble bar, ‘Yummy Mummy’ body conditioner and ‘Love You Mum’ soap. These products have beautiful scents, in fun shapes and sizes at very affordable prices.

The Yummy Mummy shower gel is a lilac shower gel with seaweed extract. It will leave your skin feeling exceptionally soft and smelling sweet. ($9.95/ per 100g, $16.95/ per 250g)

You can never go wrong with roses, so the Rose Bombshell bath bomb is one of my personal favourites. It will have your bathtub bursting with rose petals. Made from Soya milk, rosewood and Turkish rose oils, it’ll make mums bath relaxing and a skin-softening experience. ($6.25/ per item)

The Mother Superior bubble bar is for the mums who like to have a bit more fun. Just by crumbling the bubble bar under running water you will create a bubbly experience that will leave you smelling of cherry blossoms. ($9.95/ per item)

Our mums tend to keep themselves busy and so their bodies deserve to be pampered a little every now and then. The Love You Mum soap will cleanse the body and help to wash away the aches and pains. The soap is available in a gift set, also including Helping Hands hand cream and a Secret Garden bath bomb. ($22.90/ per set)

And finally the Yummy Mummy body conditioner. The blend of fresh strawberry juice with Murumuru and organic cocoa butter creates a soft scented body conditioner leaving your skin pampered and nourished from head to toe. ($32.50/ per 250g)

Discover LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetic’s limited edition Mother’s day products in store now until May 11th.


By Chloe Fraser