Corrynne’s Natural Soaps

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Running for over 15 years, Corrynne’s Natural Soaps produce environmentally friendly natural products that do not contain harmful chemical ingredients. The Western Australian company sells natural handmade bath products, scrubs, moisturisers and clay products that have proven to be very popular.

With over 1,500 likes on their Facebook page and the ability to purchase online, at the retail store in Dunsborough or down at the local Fremantle markets, customers are more than satisfied.

“I bought your clay deodorant about a month ago at Freo markets. Finally a natural product that smells lovely, lasts all day, feels nice on your skin and you need very little so it lasts! Love it and can’t wait to visit your store next week to stock up and find new products to try” – Anna Murray

“Started stocking the soaps in my shop a couple of months ago and I am now obsessed! The smell each morning when I open the door is so divine, I could just eat them. Love, love, love!!” – Mel Meeks

The incredible smelling products are made from ingredients such as coconut, palm oil, olive oil, herbs, sandalwood powder and a mix of French and Australian clay – the clay blocks are a great alternative for soap, especially on the face to exfoliate and polish the skin.

Whether you are buying a gift for a loved one or simply spoiling yourself, Corrynne’s Natural Soaps has something for everyone. Even your pets will be left feeling pampered with dog soap and conditioner made from pure coconut, Tee Tree, Lemongrass, olives and lavender.

Corrynne’s Natural Soaps support sustainable palm oil manufacturing through a project known as the GreenPalm Programme, where a voluntary premium is paid to palm oil producers who work within the guidelines for social and environmental responsibility for every tone of palm oil used to make the soaps.

Corrynne’s natural soaps pride themselves on making natural products and chose quality and environmentally friendly ethos over cost.

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By Chloe Fraser

Something Borrowed

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After spending hundreds of dollars on dresses worn once, and proceeding to push it to the back of your wardrobe between your year 12 formal wear and that one dress from that party you’ll never wear again, it’ll soon come to your attention that your unnecessary impulse to have new is going to leave quite a significant mark in your bank account.

With every season, every change of month, there is a new up and coming trend, a new go-to designer and a new frock that you simply must have, even if there is no occasion for it. And unfortunately for many of us, it isn’t easy to sustain a weekly sum for new clothing.

So instead of skipping on lunch to save, why not simply borrow?

Established in 2012, founder Mia Theodoropoulos took a simple concept mixing fashion with rental and created her own business, stocking designer labels and ‘loaning’ them to customers. This removed both the pain of spending hundreds of dollars on such pieces and also the guilt when you know you may never wear it again. With the success of the Perth boutique, soon came a recent secondary store opening in Melbourne. The Something Borrowed girls value two things, exemplery fashion and excellent customer service. Each customer is given a personal experience and each goes home knowing that they are in good hands. Pieces in Mia’s store include labels such as Manning Cartell, Tarvydas and Ae’lkemi, along with Mia’s own label, Something Beyond; a collection of simple, elegant designs made to accentuate and compliment the feminine figure.

Like other rental concepts, a client books an appointment for consultation and fitting. The Something Borrowed stylists will then help each client with finding their perfect dress. The client then has one day to wear and love their dress before shortly returning it to the dry cleaners, and enjoying a guilt-free transaction.

Something Borrowed has been the first of its kind in Perth,but with the rental boutique industry gaining more and more attention, and designer fashion prices only getting higher, there’s no time like now to check out this thrifty way of keeping stylish!

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By Jessica Clausen

The Lovebird Collective; handmade wonders

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It takes a flair for creativity, a hard worker, and plenty of time to begin a business. Whether it be the number of people working together to produce a large department store, or a small independent label working with its own rules, both cases take time and effort. For creator Angela Steeden, the option was the latter; with her expanding homemade collection selling online and through small stockists, the Lovebird Collective is sure to spark interest of the dreamy, festival chick of today.

The Lovebird Collective is an Australian brand that takes pride in each one of its handmade pieces ranging from swimwear, clothing, accessories and decorative pieces for your home.  The owner and designer, Angela Steeden, was inspired to create soft, unique pieces reminiscent of Boho culture, and made from 100% bamboo, organic cotton and cotton yarn.

From establishing her range in 2011, a one woman show, Angela’s pieces gained such popularity that it had even caused her to close down the site to catch up with sales. With this overwhelming popularity, it is a clear example of how far the Lovebird range is sure to grow.

Each piece is carefully crafted by Angela herself, spending days putting together her designs so that every customer is given a unique piece they can treasure for years. The Lovebird Collective is, for those aspiring handmade designers, an inspiration and an example of independent success. We hope to see more handmade creations from Angela, and will be watching as her business expands!

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By Jessica Clausen 

Karanaki at Freo Markets

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Eating only raw food may sound a bit too ‘wilderness survival’ for some of you, but it’s becoming more and more popular. Not only is it super healthy (with benefits like aiding digestion and fighting diseases), but it can also be super delicious.

Raw food shop, Karanaki, located in the hustle and bustle of the Fremantle Markets, is a perfect example of raw food done right. With amazing wraps and sandwiches, smoothies and easy snack food, they’ve got raw food down to a tee.

Created and owned by Kiwi, Kara O’Halloran, Karanaki is a must visit if you want to feel good about yourself and your diet, or if you want to try some ridiculously delicious, and totally raw food.

By Zoe Fraussen