Urban Couture Graduate Capsule Showcase


During the week, the Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre hosted the Urban Couture Graduate Capsule Showcase, an event showcasing collections from the best upcoming Perth fashion and design graduates of the year. While daylight dimmed to night, the Joondalup rooftop car park was transformed into an outdoor runway as the white chairs filled up with fashion lovers, photographers, friends and family, as well as a few intrigued onlookers walking through the carpark.

The eight designers showcased through the evening were Rosemaree White, Sheona Cowden, Jessica Moro, San Cora, Vidhi Dudhia, Jayde Christie, S&S by Shreeja & Shweta and Bird on a Wire, in addition to a VIP pre-showcase of designer Jaime Lee.

Our favourite picks for the evening included Rosemaree White‘s design, comprising of striking lingerie and dresses made from a variety of tulle, feathers and beautiful embroideries, all meticulously detailed, and Jessica Moro’s designs reminiscient of classic French romance with a contemporary twist. A stand out piece in the showcase was the Jessica Moro oversized black sun hat; despite the wind blowing it off the model mid-runway.

With many of the designers already starting up campaigns and stockists, we are sure to see more of their faces in the coming year, and are looking forward to it!

Photo Credit to Ryan Ammon: http://www.ryanammon.com/

By Jessica Clausen

Yang Li

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You will listen to my voice; my voice will help you and guide you still deeper into Europa” crooned the voice of Max Von Sidow, opening Yang Li’s show for his S/S 2015 collection.

Much like the Lars Von Trier movie that explores themes of guilt and manipulation in post-war Germany, Yang Li departs from the mundane and brings edge to his collection by respecting the past and placing hope in the future.

Born in Beijing in 1987, Li discovered the power of dress through positions of isolation. His upbringing in China was dominated by Chinese law, politics and the Cultural Revolution. Li moved to Perth, Western Australia at the age of 10 and his isolation continued due to cultural and language barriers.

Taking up basketball and skateboarding as a regular pastime in his teenage years, Li found fashion through sport and what he describes as the ‘culture of tribes’. He discovered that the clothes you wear characterize who you are and your role within the community. Whether you roll up your jeans, wear ties to look professional or buy a particular shoe, the way we dress helps to create an image of the person we are or the person we want to be.

Li began an undergraduate fashion program at Central Saint Martin’s London but soon dropped out to work alongside Raf Simmons, whose style he was inspired by. However, Li returned to London later in 2010 with aims to unveil his own line – and he did just that.

His recent S/S 2015 collection acquires a romantic minimalist tone with precise tailoring but somewhat chaotic elaborations. Li creates a roughness to his collection through edgy detailing and removing unnecessary seaming to help define the Yang Li brand.

The collection is both modern and wearable, helping to narrow the divide between runway and street. Wispy skirts and sheer fabric connect the garments, enabling the collection to vary between polished, refined pieces and rough, sketchy ones.

While Li designs both women’s and men’s apparel, his collections are not always gender specific with elongated shapes and clothing depicting both masculine and feminine elements.

As a whole, Li’s collection is fresh and sometimes dramatic, emphasising a unisex appeal. Li’s passion and talent shines through his runway designs and his growing army of fashion followers show that he’s only going to keep getting better.

Site: http://yangli.eu/

By Chloe Fraser


wedding-dress-designer-toni-maticevski-shares-his-style-tips6749aaaa9f42479bba4c9ae4ac2c0ae0 Toni Maticevski - Runway - Spring 2010 MBFW maticevski1
More akin to art than everyday wear, designs by Maticevski are made with impressive attention to detail and incredible skill. His work with the female form, creating designs incorporating fluid lines and mechanical points, demonstrates the expertise and attention in which these deigns are created.

Toni Maticevski has been creating works of art in the fashion industry since 1999. Maticevski started his career working in New York and Paris retuning to Melbourne in 1998 to begin creating his own label. Maticevski designs are filled with innovative, and glamourous garments which reject the norm and showcase a unique approach to fashion.

Maticevski has gained interest locally and internationally, winning Melbourne Fashion Festival’s New Designer Award in 2002 and being involved in Sydney Fashion Week in the same year. He then moved to have collections in New York Fashion Week, until 2010 when he again returned to Melbourne to focus on his brand.

Having also worked with dance institutions such as Phillip Adams Ballet Lab, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Maticevski has taken his design to the next level, with experimental use of cut and drape to shape his garments into beautifully balanced and modern designs.

Maticevski continues to grow as a label, creating shoe collections and also offering a bridal service.

Be sure to check Maticevski’s website and social media for more information.

Site: http://www.tonimaticevski.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maticevski

By Zoe Fraussen

Lyloh Sarongs

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With summer reaching its end for the season, the days spent at the beach will stop, and beachwear will return itself into the back your wardrobe. But before it’s over, with just a few warm days left it is never too late to introduce the latest summer essential.

Lyloh Sarongs is an Australian label producing fine quality, long lasting sarongs that come in unique colours, paterns and styles. Made from 100% rayon, natural dye and patterns designed from mahogany leaves and coconut palm leaves, Lyloh designs uses on the best quality materials to make long, beautiful sarongs perfect for any height. Not only are the sarongs durable and lightweight, but can be worked however you choose, with the versatility to be styled as a jumpsuit, a dress or simply used as a light towel.

To top it off, Lyloh Sarongs use a portion of profits to support a variety of charities. With $10 of every purchase made from a a collection of designs, is donated to one of many charities, including Voiceless 365, Women of Lao and Destiny Rescue.

We at Vashti are always behind labels that are both good quality and charitable and Lyloh is no exception! Find them on http://www.lyloh.com

By Jessica Clausen



The Serpent & the Swan

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With a combination of animal inspired prints, mystical inspiration and androgynous high end fashion, young and newly expanding label, The Serpent & the Swan, has made its mark in representing Australian designers.

Sydney sisters, Hayley and Laurie Smith began their label in 2009 as a form of artistic expression and inspiration. Stemming from the animalistic and mystical, The Serpent & the Swan was created to express beauty in nature and fantasy, rather than a mechanical or mainstream outlook. The designs are eye-catching; playing with shape and texture, line and contrast; yet are completely timeless. With the added bonus of being completely androgynous and unisex, Serpent & the Swan has a green thumb, with the goal to plant a tree for each purchase made. At this moment, the label has planted 112 trees and counting.

For Hayley and Laurie, the label has combined the personal visions of the two, with Hayley’s fashion and costume design experience, and Laurie’s art and special effects (monster making and props for screen), the label has created pieces focusing on line, shape and nature. Fashion & Costume design and fine arts & special effects come together to form the mystical, dark image of the Serpent & the Swan. Alongside the collection includes a journal of images comprising of dark, mystical pictures, art of the body and depictions of animals. The Serpent & the Swan use this and their social media sites not as a piece of publicity, but as a mood board open to their customers, seeing where the girls find inspiration, and how this is interpreted into startling, simple pieces.

The Serpent & the Swan isn’t just a title for the label, but a representation of its collection. Much like the sister’s combine their background, the mythic origin of the serpent and the symbolism of the swan as beauty combine to create unique works of art. The label’s symbol: a patterned image of a snake circling itself becomes too a representation.  The circled snake or dragon originates from the Greek symbol Ouroborous, representing cyclicity and self-reflection, but of course, the sisters leave the interpretation up to the viewer, much like their clothing is left for the customer to play with and present.

The Serpent & the Swan have progressed both in Australia and internationally, with stockists running globally. Having been involved in Melbourne fashion week of 2013 and 2014, Hayley and Lauri have proven the power of independent vision. And being environmentally conscious whilst still making gorgeous pieces is just a bonus!

Be sure to check out the website and social media for more information including their latest A/W collection!

Site: http://www.serpentandtheswan.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serpentandtheswanfashion?fref=ts

Blog: http://blog.serpentandtheswan.com/

By Jessica Clausen

Poppy & Charlie by Kloey Rubidge

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Designer: Kloey Rubidge

Brand: Poppy & Charlie

Age: 18

Kloey Rubidge noticed a demand for affordable and stylish evening wear and she filled it with the brilliant designs found in Poppy & Charlie. Wanting to focus on the natural contours of the body and to make garments that are highly flattering Kloey has created amazing pieces perfect for younger girls attending formal occasions.

“Many women struggle to find a dress that works with their body type and my aim is to create dresses that are glamorous on every shape”

Facing some difficulties being a local designer in WA Poppy & Charlie has emerged as a luxurious, passionate and individualistic brand designed to bring glamour and sparkle to young girls.

By Zoe Fraussen