Altitude Ball 2014


The Altitude Ball, held at Crown’s Grand Ballroom on Saturday night, is an annual black tie event that raises money for the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Paying up to $6500 for a table of ten, this charity event is not for one with shallow pockets. Being shallow pocketed myself, attending with a media pass was a privilege, and can I say – what a party it was. It was wonderfully performed, with Channel 7’s Natalie Barr holding the night together as MC, and jazz singer Ali Bodycoat singing soulfully throughout. And then, at the end, was main act – and 90s darling – Kate Ceberano. She sang Pash. I jumped up on stage and blew her kisses. She waved, smiled and generally loved it.


The entire setting of the Altitude Ball was opulent. Walk through the doors and be immersed in a sea of beautiful clothes, jewellery and perfectly coiffed hair. Look up and see trapeze artists, to the right a tasteful cocktail bar, ahead to gorgeous table settings covered in bottlebrushes, tulips and floating candles, and shiny chandeliers floating from the ceiling. On top of this was the silent auction, with items ranging from an impressive chrome propeller sculpture, to the somewhat tacky – a gold plated rose and an ugly guitar.

The Altitude Ball proved to be a fantastic night. But it did leave me wondering whether altruism or being fabulous was the most important emphasis of the night – but perhaps in cases like this the point is on the two being interdependent.


By: Stephanie Dryden