Demelza Buckley: “all-rounder” fashionista – designer, blogger, stylist, and presenter.

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Demelza Buckley is an Irish fashion designer, writer, blogger, and stylist, who is now currently experiencing a new journey of her life in Perth. She has been in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, from working as a visual merchandiser in high street brands, such as Oasis and Topshop, to being a presenter in television covering fashion and lifestyle features.

This fashionista completed her degree in fashion and launched a graduate collection, successfully selling her wonderfully designed pieces.

When asked about her decision in being involved in the fashion industry, Demelza said, “I don’t think I ever decided, I think it was showed to me.”

Her mom, who has a love for making garments, introduced her to fashion, and she intuitively followed the path.

Being from a country that has winter season most of the time, Demelza experienced a culture shock coming to Perth. She finally sees cropped tops and summer fashion as a part of people’s daily style in Perth.

“I definitely see different boutiques offering different clothes compared to Europe. However, I’d like to see H&M and Zara here in Perth. Unless you know where to shop, it’s a bit hard in here.”

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Moving away from her hometown, Demelza has established herself among fashion bloggers in Australia. She finds people here in Australia very friendly and helpful, welcoming her in Australia’s fashion scene.

Romantic, feminine, and chic were the words Demelza used to describe her own style. She can be seen wearing colourful outfits with different patterns in her daily style. Demelza embraces her creative side by taking most of her pictures with street arts all around Perth. She mixes the current trends with her personality to create her own signature styles.

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Her must-have fashion item would be a Chanel handbag. “Very classic and timeless.”

Demelza thinks that,“Vashti has a cause, purpose, and voice. Not just empty fashion.” Not only is Demelza all about the fashion industry, she is also against animal cruelty, supporting the awareness of animal extinction as Vashti does.

Demelza realises how competitive and tough the fashion industry is. “Working in the fashion environment is very competitive. We should focus on originality; staying true to ourself. Focus on your own uniqueness. Remember why people look up to you. Because you have an eye what other people don’t have.”

In the near future, Demelza intends to do a small collection of her designs to be sold online, to keep her designing side going. She also plans to a launch a proper label later when moving back to Ireland.

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By: Hasianti Deamita

Jonte’s Fashion Show


Jonte Pike, a young talent who is set to go very far with her label ‘Jonte’ launched her autumn/winter 14’ collection last Friday night, 2rd May at the luxurious Gold Bar. The sophisticated and stylish venue hosted a beautiful catwalk to showcase Jonte’s collection titled ‘Antiquity’. With darker shades and a wintery ambient, Jonte showcased a mesmerizing collection which was feminine yet full of strength. A wintery colour palette of black, burgundy, bronze and dark green shades made us want winter to come quicker! Each garment was impeccably structured, intertwined with a mix of textiles including leather, silk, wool and intricate beading.

I sat down with the designer before the show to ask her some questions about her label and herlatest collection.

Congratulations on winning the Vocational Student of the year in 2012. How did that feel?

It was amazing, a bit surreal, really nothing I expected. I was privileged to have received the award across all areas of vocational training and was humbled to be representing the fashion industry. It was great meeting such talented students from all across Australia at the nationals in Brisbane. The training awards were a lifetime experience.

You also received a scholarship to Japan, what kind of opportunities did Japan open up for you?

There were so many opportunities from the trip including factory tours which you don’t get to see in Australia. We got to see many various techniques unique to Japanese Hyogo Textile Companies such as the weaving and dyeing processes. Having the opportunity to work with textile companies who supply fashion houses like Calvin Klein and Versace was enthusing! I had my own textile design manufactured in Japan and was able to showcase this fabric at Perth Fashion Festival. I was lucky to receive the scholarship on two occasions, 2011 as a graduate designer and 2014 as the emerging designer. On the 2014 trip iconic designer Akira Isogawa participated and it was such an experience to be in the presence of a top Australian Designer.

Being from South Africa, has your heritage influenced your designs in any way?                   

Yes definitely, I’ve got a very eclectic feel to my work. I work with a lot of leather and hand beaded qualities, which was influenced from my South African background. I have always loved different cultures in South Africa and have been told it can be seen through my work.

I noticed you tend to use different fabrics together, is there a reason behind that?                    

It has become my design stamp. I like to mix leather, silk and hand beading. I love to juxtapose different textiles together. I enjoy mixing textures together to create a tactile sense to the garment. It adds a different element, which is more unique to my designing.

Can you describe to us what your latest collection was about?

The Jonté Antiquity Fall/Winter 2014 Collection draws inspiration from an antique ambience but re-worked for today’s modern edgy woman. A necklace I got from my grandmother inspired the whole collection. Playing with contrasting fabrics, this collection embodies genuine leathers, sheer textiles, hand-beaded features, laser cutting and hand dyed Batik textiles.

So the necklace was the key source for this collection, what were some other sources of inspiration for ‘Antiquity’?

Some beautiful textiles I found including silk devoré fabrics and some coloured leathers also inspired me for this collection. I liked the idea of re-working older fashion ideas into modern looks. There are a few design elements, which continue through the collection including zippers, piping and leveled hemlines, which developed from my inspirations and became key features.


Where do you source your materials from?                    

There are a few different companies I go to or if I find a swatch I go to places to try and find that same material or the closest form to it.


How do you hope your brand will develop over the next few years? 

As of end of last year I started stocking in Sydney and Melbourne so I am hoping to grow that. I am setting up my online store at the momentand I hope to open up a showroom sometime next year, eventually working towards opening up a store one day and expanding through Australia.


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By: Bojana Petrovich