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The Hottest Humanitarians are what?


The lady of the lips!

The man of our god damn dreams, thank you Thelma and Louise…

Be still our beating hearts.

The beauty that is Brangelina is officially over!
Image credit: Getty Images

Brangelina are undeniably and ever so cruelly the epitome of physical perfection.

However they proved their beauty stretched far beyond the realms of superficiality, with their constant support in the world of poverty, refugee and overall world crisis.

Brangelina became quickly recognised for their self titled ‘rainbow family’,with Maddox (15)adopted from an orphanage in Cambodia. Pax (12) adopted from Vietnam after being abandoned at birth and Zahara (11) adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopha.The couple giving birth to their first biological child Shiloh(10) in May 2006 who identifies as a boy. Followed by biological twins Knox and Vivienne (8) born in Nice where their recent film, ‘By the Sea’ was set. Which ironically was about a passionately rocky relationship in love.
Image: Vogue
Image: Vogue
As if that weren’t enough humanity for one family they are also responsible for the Jolie-Pitt foundation. A foundation dedicated to eradicating extreme rural poverty, protecting natural resources and conserving wildlife. Which you know just casually donated a measly $1 million to Doctors Without Boarders, an organisation providing aid in nearly 60 countries to people who’s survival is threatened by violence, neglect or catastrophe.
 Their beauty was bountiful in all facets of the matter but on the dark day of September 21st Brangelina was officially over.

May the fight for peace continue without your beautiful unity.

We will always have the fashion and luckily for you I have taken the time out of my busy schedule to pick out my Favourite fashion moments….. I mean you’re WELCOME

On a side note. If you have not scene Thelma and Louise or Troy for that matter, rectify that immediately. It is an integral part of your sexual education and quite frankly ludicrous expectations. 


Back to the Fashion..

Lets begin when the couple first walked the red carpet together in the Atelier Versace at the Golden Globe awards 2014 and the famous thigh high slit at the Academy Awards 2012
getty imgaes   brangelina-8-ba44a6fb-91f4-45f9-a81b-bcdb6d55b140   Image Credit: Vanity Fair
Photo Credit: UK Daily Mail, Getty Images, Vanity Fair

The moment they matched in suits at the Royal Opera house in London for the Bafta Awards. Britain’s equivalent of the Oscars, in 2014 and a pregnant Ms Pitt and Mr Pitt arriving at the Screening of ‘Kungu Fu Panda’, at Cannes film festival in 2008. Ange provided a voice for an animated character in the film.


Photo Credit: Getty Images, Los Angeles Times

RIP Brangelina

Long live our Souls
Written by Bridget McDonnell