Karen Walker’s Worldly Vision


Her eyewear campaigns have featured children, advanced style stars, albinos and now Karen Walker is using the advertising platform to highlight the plight of poverty-stricken African regions, working with the United Nations’ International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative.

The New Zealand-based designer just released her Spring 2014 campaign in which she gives a face to the Kenyan artisans who worked on her range. Karen Walker is known for her provocative, out of the ordinary visuals. The latest campaign however, called ‘Karen Walker Visible’, might be the most innovative one yet.

For the range, the designer worked with a group of Kenyan artists who created the pouches sold with each pair of sunglasses purchased. Made using local materials, machinists, tailors, metal workers and Maasai beaders, the result is an exquisitely crafted collection of embellished and screen-sprinted sunglass slips.

It’s these craftsmen and women who are cast in the campaign, shot by Derek Henderson, created a visually arresting tribute to the artists’ culture and creative talent.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative aims to promote fair and sustainable business rather than a reliance on aid in disadvantaged African and Haitian communities, bringing together craftspeople and international brands to produce products and hope to change the future with these initiatives.

Karen was thrilled to be able to work with the Ethical Fashion Initiative on this project and explained that she “wanted to expand on that by presenting not only the pouches they’re creating for us, but also something more intimate – a glimpse into the world that the work is coming from.”

“This campaign captures both this innate optimism and love of maximum impact in the images themselves and also the way in which they direct our attention to this part of the world and the work being done there. In short, the images help bring visibility to this place, these people and the work of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.”

The new collection of sunglasses includes oversized black frames with colour-tinted translucent lenses and gold trims, gold glitter and filigree styles, and reflective gold lenses.

For further information on the Ethical Fashion Initiative, visit www.ethical-fashion.org


Karen Walker Visible Eyewear


Alexa Chung – A Modern Day Alice in Wonderland

Alexa Chung_Picture1

Alexa Chung is the new face of Longchamp. The Vogue cover girl stars in both the brand’s spring/summer 2014 and autumn/winter 2014 campaigns.

The 30-year-old beauty is the face of the bag and accessories company, which this year is celebrating 20 years of its Le Pliage Heritage design.

News of Alexa’s role with the company was revealed last year, and she goes all out with her latest offering. She is seen exploring a sun-drenched Château des Ormes wearing different outfits, such as a teal-coloured dress, as she admires a range of accessories

As Alexa peeps through the keyholes of different rooms there are new discoveries waiting for her, which she picks up and admires throughout her exploring. The clip was directed by fashion photographer Jean-François Julian and takes the audience through Longchamp’s Autumn/Winter 14 Collection.

This isn’t the first time Alexa has graced the camera for the brand after modeling for its Spring/Summer 14 range earlier this year. Her last campaign saw her prancing around outside in a beautiful location, showing off the various pieces.

Alexa’s relationship with the label started after she DJ’d at the brand’s London flagship opening party in September. A meeting the following deal cemented the deal, and Max Vadukul shot the campaign on the scenic shores of St-Tropez last month.

Marie-Sabine Leclercq, the label’s international communications director, previously spoke about Alexa’a presence on set. “The whole team fell under her spell,” Marie-Sabine said. “She immediately had a real vision and made a very on-point contribution to the looks for the shoot. There was such a synergy and an energy that we all went home delighted with this initial experience with her.”

Below, get your exclusive look at how it all came together:

Longchamp Spring 2014 Campaign


PR in Fashion


Held annually at the vibrant Skatt beauty salon, PR in Fashion has become one of the most sought after fashion networking events in Perth.

An outsider may see a career in any stream of fashion as very glamorous and desirable. The appeal towards fashion shows, photo shoots, magazine editorials, event planning etc. is justifiable and is almost tangible. However, very few people understand the rigorous hard work and the passion required in a field like this. This year’s annual PR in Fashion event by Curtin’s Public Relations Students Chapter showed us all about that!

Guests were welcomed with a glass of champagne and some lip-smacking canapés and macaroons. There was an extensive crowd of photographers, bloggers, stylists, fashion PRs and designers from Perth – all aspiring to make a mark in the fashion industry someday.
The program began with MC Tiff Warne addressing the crowd, instantly getting waves of laughter one after another with her spontaneous and clever wit. The fashion showcases for the night included some popular local brands and boutiques in Perth like Zed Allianc, Zingiber, Rosemaree White, Lost Souls Boutique and the finale with mesmerising collection by Betty Tran.

What sets this event apart from the rest of the fashion shows in Perth are the speakers. It can be called one of Perth’s own TED talks which a lot of fashion people of this city look forward to. This year they had young, inspiring women with amazing stories of their individual journey in this field. We had Maeva Heim from ASOS who narrated how her path unfolded once she decided to quit her pursuit of a law degree and instead decided to go for the fashion and beauty industry. Lei Lei Clavey, a fashion blogger and digital coordinator with Betts won everyone over by her story, which proves that taking risks and following your true passion, can actually take you to places. And finally Betty Tran’s journey from clearing dustbins in McDonalds to working with an international giant like Giorgio Armani to having her own successful eponymous label was not only astonishing but also shows anything can happen with persistence and sheer hard work!

PR in Fashion by PRSC is a great evening to look forward to every year if you love getting inspired and spending time with like-minded people.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival


SHOWS: Restyle Runway, Forrest Chase, Brookfield Place

ADDRESS: Fashion Central, Forrest Place

WHEN: Friday, 19 September 2014

In its 16th year, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF) has firmly established itself as one of Australia’s most exciting and dynamic fashion events, through its inspirational and innovative calendar and local talent on show.


In its first day at Fashion Central for TPFF 2014 and the public got a chance to see the sustainable vintage and upcycling fashion project Restyle runway while Perth city retailers, Forrest Chase and Brookfield Place showcased their latest Spring Summer 2014 collections to inspire your new season wardrobe!

Restyle Runway show proved that it is possible to look fabulous even on a shoe-string budget. Restyle Photo-a-Day challenged people to wear only op-shop clothes for a month and then hit social media to prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to dressing well! The bloggers showed us that you don’t need to shop at luxury stores to be on-trend – all it takes is a little imagination and a keen eye!

Forrest Chase retailers gave the public a taste of what to expect in stores for Spring Summer 2014. The catwalk definitely gave us some inspiration to head into your favourite retailer such as Withcery, Nine West, Portmans and many more to purchase the fresh summer look you just had your eye on.

Brookfield Place gave us a glimpse into trendsetting luxury pieces of sleek menswear and timeless womenswear, in their latest Spring Summer 2014 collections. We got to see some of Perth’s fashion favourites such as Montblanc, Bale Daniel Hechter, Anna Thomas and more on the wonderfully styled models.

By: Revathie Dhanabalan

Altitude Ball 2014


The Altitude Ball, held at Crown’s Grand Ballroom on Saturday night, is an annual black tie event that raises money for the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Paying up to $6500 for a table of ten, this charity event is not for one with shallow pockets. Being shallow pocketed myself, attending with a media pass was a privilege, and can I say – what a party it was. It was wonderfully performed, with Channel 7’s Natalie Barr holding the night together as MC, and jazz singer Ali Bodycoat singing soulfully throughout. And then, at the end, was main act – and 90s darling – Kate Ceberano. She sang Pash. I jumped up on stage and blew her kisses. She waved, smiled and generally loved it.


The entire setting of the Altitude Ball was opulent. Walk through the doors and be immersed in a sea of beautiful clothes, jewellery and perfectly coiffed hair. Look up and see trapeze artists, to the right a tasteful cocktail bar, ahead to gorgeous table settings covered in bottlebrushes, tulips and floating candles, and shiny chandeliers floating from the ceiling. On top of this was the silent auction, with items ranging from an impressive chrome propeller sculpture, to the somewhat tacky – a gold plated rose and an ugly guitar.

The Altitude Ball proved to be a fantastic night. But it did leave me wondering whether altruism or being fabulous was the most important emphasis of the night – but perhaps in cases like this the point is on the two being interdependent.


By: Stephanie Dryden

Demelza Buckley: “all-rounder” fashionista – designer, blogger, stylist, and presenter.

photo 1

Demelza Buckley is an Irish fashion designer, writer, blogger, and stylist, who is now currently experiencing a new journey of her life in Perth. She has been in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, from working as a visual merchandiser in high street brands, such as Oasis and Topshop, to being a presenter in television covering fashion and lifestyle features.

This fashionista completed her degree in fashion and launched a graduate collection, successfully selling her wonderfully designed pieces.

When asked about her decision in being involved in the fashion industry, Demelza said, “I don’t think I ever decided, I think it was showed to me.”

Her mom, who has a love for making garments, introduced her to fashion, and she intuitively followed the path.

Being from a country that has winter season most of the time, Demelza experienced a culture shock coming to Perth. She finally sees cropped tops and summer fashion as a part of people’s daily style in Perth.

“I definitely see different boutiques offering different clothes compared to Europe. However, I’d like to see H&M and Zara here in Perth. Unless you know where to shop, it’s a bit hard in here.”

photo 4

Moving away from her hometown, Demelza has established herself among fashion bloggers in Australia. She finds people here in Australia very friendly and helpful, welcoming her in Australia’s fashion scene.

Romantic, feminine, and chic were the words Demelza used to describe her own style. She can be seen wearing colourful outfits with different patterns in her daily style. Demelza embraces her creative side by taking most of her pictures with street arts all around Perth. She mixes the current trends with her personality to create her own signature styles.

photo 5

Her must-have fashion item would be a Chanel handbag. “Very classic and timeless.”

Demelza thinks that,“Vashti has a cause, purpose, and voice. Not just empty fashion.” Not only is Demelza all about the fashion industry, she is also against animal cruelty, supporting the awareness of animal extinction as Vashti does.

Demelza realises how competitive and tough the fashion industry is. “Working in the fashion environment is very competitive. We should focus on originality; staying true to ourself. Focus on your own uniqueness. Remember why people look up to you. Because you have an eye what other people don’t have.”

In the near future, Demelza intends to do a small collection of her designs to be sold online, to keep her designing side going. She also plans to a launch a proper label later when moving back to Ireland.

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/demelzafashionblog

Website: www.demelzabuckley.com

By: Hasianti Deamita