TOMS – One for One

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Have you ever felt guilty about buying a new pair of shoes when the ones you have are already exploding out of your closet? When you could be spending the money on bills, paying off your uni debt or even donating to charity?

TOMS Shoes offers the best of both worlds.

TOMS one-for-one deal goes an extra mile to satisfy your consumer needs while helping people in need. With every purchase, TOMS provides shoes, sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services to over 70 countries worldwide.

Company founder Blake Mycoskie was inspired to make a difference when he travelled to Argentina in 2006. He observed the hardships children living without shoes faced and was determine to create a company that would provide a child with a new pair of shoes for every pair purchased.

TOMS shoes offers a range of alpargata-inspired men’s and women’s footwear. You can find anything from fun and flirty flats to defined wedges, or classic boots. Providing both comfort and style, everyday and dress shoes are available in a large selection of prints and vibrant colours.

What started out as a gesture to provide shoes, has expanded to provide the gift of sight from the sale of eyewear, clean water from sale of coffee beans, and a safer birth from handbag sales.

Over 275,000 people have received the gift of sight from chic men’s and women’s eyewear. Optical frames and sunglasses come in an assortment of colours. Bold and audacious frames create a refreshing look for men’s eyewear.

If coffee is closer to your heart than shoes and eyewear, you are in luck.

Coffee by TOMS Roasting Co will satisfy your daily coffee kick while also providing the most basic human need to 7 countries worldwide. With every bag of coffee beans purchased 140L of safe water is supplied to quench someone’s thirst.

Thanks to TOMS vision, the notion of online shopping has enhanced to include consumption and charitable aid in one single purchase.

Chloe Fraser